How To Buy The Perfect Lingerie To Get His Attention

How To Buy The Perfect Lingerie To Get His Attention

Marriage is probably the most beautiful thing in everyone’s life. But as it brings with it lots of excitement and fun in the initial phase, there is also the possibility of the “magic” being lost over the years. The intimate moments, the passion and longing might subside as it all gets too “everyday” and mundane. As years go by, the sweet shy bedroom moments can become almost non-existent. The excitement of shopping for, and wearing attractive lingerie, the thrill of wearing it for the first time, and expecting his admiring gazes is almost forgotten by many women! This can lead to both of you getting bored after a while.

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Even though it is not the only important thing in married life, it cannot be denied that physical intimacy does play a huge role keeping your bond strong. Did you know that the thing that you might have started to ignore can help you bring back the magic? Yes, we are talking about lingerie- something that most of you probably didn’t give much thought to, after a few years of marriage. Read to know some great tips to bring the lost charm back to your bedroom.  

#1. Cover Up Well 

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Yes, you read that right. Cover up! Choose from multiple layers, like robes, long nighties, lacy night wear with 3-4 pieces. Remember the first few weeks of your marriage? Let him enjoy undressing you bit by bit, item by item. There is some “opening the present” feeling associated with this that we assure you, he will enjoy. While choosing lingerie, go for a stylish balconette bra and a full coverage lacy panty, instead of a barely-there thong. However, if your husband is a big fan of thongs and G-strings, then cover it up with a cute-looking, sheer panty and garter belt in the pretence to hold up stockings.

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#2. Go Opaque

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Selecting the right fabric is very important. Remember the fact that you want to get back to the “shy bride” stage again, or at least act like one. So, bold skin show in see-through fabrics is a complete no-no. Let his eyes keep searching for more (if you know what we mean!). Opt for more opaque fabrics like flirty silk or satin with lace trimmings.

#3. Tie It Up!

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Choose styles that have lots to tie-up, like laces, ribbons, strings, etc. Nighties with side lace will definitely work best here. The idea is the same- to let him work harder and wait longer to get you.

#4. Pick the Right Colour

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Go virgin white! Yes, nothing can beat the classic white that represents purity. You can add touches of baby pink or peach to the white for some colour. There is a certain innocence that can be associated with colours like white, peach, pink, sky blue, etc. If you feel that it looks a little bland, you can always add some accessories like a string of pearls or seductive stockings.

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#5. Surprise Him!

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Well, we agree that you both are extremely comfortable with each other by now, and the word “surprise” can be a little difficult, at least in the bedroom. But, you can always give him something that he never expected you to do! How about dressing up like a white bride or a seductive nurse or even a feline beauty once in a while? The key here is to get creative, and live your fantasy without any boundaries.

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Things like these can add an instant freshness to your intimate life, and bring back the charm. There are numerous lingerie options available in the markets these days for you to choose from. Oh, along with your lingerie, don’t forget to set the mood with right lighting, some scented candles and romantic music!

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