While Everyone Is Trolling Hina Khan, Her Alleged Boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal Defends Her


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While Everyone Is Trolling Hina Khan, Her Alleged Boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal Defends Her

It’s the 11th season of the famous and the most controversial reality shows of India and the intensity with which this show creates buzz is still the same. We are talking about Bigg Boss, which Sallu Bhai is hosting. Well, ever since this season’s inception, we come across one or the other news.

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Hina and Rocky

Now, the latest talk of the town is one of the famous and the strongest contender of the show, Hina Khan and her alleged boyfriend, Rocky Jaiswal. Though Hina has maintained this stance all this while that Rocky is very special and close friend only, but their chemistry has something else to say.

Hina and Rocky

And while, Hina is bagging a lot of negative remarks, here’s Rocky to her defence. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Rocky alike any boyfriend defended Hina in a very sensible and solid manner. When he was asked about his take on Hina being considered as one of the strongest competitors, here’s what he said:

“Hina is one of the only few reasons I would want to watch the show even if I didn’t know her. She is showing a lot of strength not only because she is handling bulls**t from some filthy people but also because she could have opted for a way easier choice and stayed quiet on the show. Some days are bad and some are good and what I like about her is that she is taking each day as it comes and indulging in house activities without any planning, plotting or bias.”

Hina and Rocky

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When he was asked about the episode where Hina broke down and how he felt, here’s what he gushed:

“No one wants to see their loved ones in trouble or crying, so obviously we all were disturbed and worried for her but we also have a lot of faith in her. We understand that being attacked, cornered and bullied is not easy to go through especially when you have a lot to lose and are expected to fight back but still maintain your dignity.”

Hina and Rocky

And how is her family treating the entire situation:

“Hina gets the strength from her family. Though they are very simple close-knit people who belong to the working class, they have seen the world and they understand the baggage their daughter carries being a celebrity and a star. They too feel the pain which she goes through inside the house but the love, warmth and connection heads in one direction only and that is to be stronger and I believe that’s what keep her going.”

Hina and Rocky

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When he was probed to tell Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame’s strengths, which will help her win the show, he gushed:

“Well, she has a lot of strenghts but I will name a few. To start with, she is real, she is strong, independent, well-spoken, and she has class. She has her opinions and most importantly she has the strength to keep going for a brighter sun next day. Of course, I am not gonna mention that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and she has all our love and support for her from outside the house.”

Hina and Rocky

Last but not the least, when he was questioned about the negative reviews that she is bagging and the trolling that’s happening, he stated:

"You know a star becomes a star because it has a never-ending fire inside to shine and extinguish darkness. Some take the heat coming from it positively and some burn away because they simply lack the ability to absorb it and feel it. Hina has a strong personality, she is an ever-evolving individual.”

Hina and Rocky

He added:

"Of course, some may get offended by her words or actions but that is only because they expect her to be a certain way specifically because of a character she has played as an actor. But I believe if one is not harmful to another, one should never apologise or explain their nature because it’s just the way it is. We love Hina the way she is and will always do. And my voice is just an addition to millions more who love her for what she is as Hina, real and rocking.”

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Well, just like a doting boyfriend, Rocky has said amazing. Moreover, everyone has an individuality and their own personality. For more television and Bollywood updates, stay tuned with us!

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