Himesh Mankad's Tweet On Actors' Ridiculous Demands Goes Viral, Producer's Guild To Probe The Matter

Himesh Mankad had once highlighted the ridiculous demands of a young actor on sets, which spiked the film's budget. Now, the Producer's Guild will take action on the matter.


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Himesh Mankad's Tweet On Actors' Ridiculous Demands Goes Viral, Producer's Guild To Probe The Matter

Bollywood industry has been growing with every passing year, and several A-listed actors have even made it to the international level. However, time and again, we have seen producers shelving new projects for reasons best known to them. Moreover, some producers have also highlighted the actors' high-end demands and tantrums during filmmaking. Well, it looks like now celebrities will no longer be able to impose their ridiculous demands while shooting.

Himesh Mankad revealed how a young actor demands three premium vanity vans for himself

Back in April 2024, Himesh Mankad shared a tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter), wherein he highlighted how film budgets are spiking these days. He also mentioned that a young Bollywood actor has some ridiculous demands from the producers and he asks them for three premium vanity vans on the sets. Elaborating on the same, Himesh penned:

"Overhead costs are the major reason why film budgets are spiking up in a big way. I just heard a ridiculous demand of a young actor. He has asked all the producers to pay for the cost of his vanity van through the days of the shoot. And guess what? He has demanded the presence of '3 Premium Vanity Vans' on the sets. One for himself - Me Time, Second for the meetings with other producers and directors on the set, and Third for his gym in the break time."

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Further in the tweet, Himesh mentioned that the producers have to shell out a whopping amount of Rs. 50,000 for the per day cost of a vanity van. All in all, the approximate amount of the vanity van of a celebrity comes to around Rs. 1.25 crores, which is even more than the actor's fees. Though Himesh didn't reveal the name of the actor, he mentioned that the latter is not even a bankable superstar. He penned:

"Per Day Cost Per Vanity is around 50,000. Now multiply this by shooting days, which on average ranges between 75 to 100.  THE TOTAL COST SPENT BY THE PRODUCER ON JUST THE VANITY VAN OF CELEB IS AROUND 1.25 CRORE. This is over and above his acting fees. NOTE: He isn't even a bankable superstar."

Himesh Mankad reveals Producer's Guild will keep a check on the celebrities' entourage costs

Fast forward to today, Himesh Mankad shared an update on his old tweet and mentioned that the Producer's Guild and other film associations have come together to develop a guideline for keeping the entourage costs in check throughout the shoot. He further pointed out how a tweet could bring about such a major change and start a movement. However, the film journalist also mentioned that he was not talking about any particular actor and wrote:

"Producers Guild and other film associations have come together to put out a guideline for keeping the entourage costs in check through the course of filmmaking. The industry is in a restructing phase, and certainly better things will happen in the near future as monies will be spent on things that actually reflect on the screen and translate into footfalls. Glad, that one tweet start a movement of sorts within the film fraternity for course correction. A step in right direction! To note, the facts below apply to multiple stars, as most have their own set of unnecessary demands!"

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Netizens claim that Himesh Mankad's tweet was about Ranveer Singh

Soon after, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of Himesh Mankad's tweet on the discussion platform. The netizen mentioned how a tweet brought a big change, forcing the Producer's Guild and film associations to put a check on entourage and other tantrum costs that come with film stars. Some other social media users also reacted to the post and claimed that the young actor being discussed in the tweet was Ranveer Singh.

To watch the post, click here.

What are your views on the matter being escalated to the Producer's Guild? Let us know.

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