Hema Malini Recalled What Her 'Saasu Maa' Had Said When She Was Pregnant With Her 1st Kid, Esha Deol

In her biography, Hema Malini had opened up about her equation with her 'saasu maa' and 'sasur ji'. Read on to know more!


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Hema Malini Recalled What Her 'Saasu Maa' Had Said When She Was Pregnant With Her 1st Kid, Esha Deol

Bollywood veteran actress, Hema Malini is loved for her charming personality and is called the Dream Girl. She made her acting debut in Bollywood with the film, Sapno Ka Saudagar, in 1968. Afterwards, she has given non-stop memorable performances in many movies like Seeta Aur Geeta, Dharmatma, Sholay, Satte Pe Satta, Veer-Zaara, etc. Still, now, the gorgeousness has managed to etch a special place in millions of hearts worldwide.

Coming to her personal life, Hema Malini had tied the knot with Bollywood actor, Dharmendra in the year 1980. Together, they are blessed with two daughters, Esha Deol and Ahana Deol. For the unversed, Dharmendra was already married to Parkash Kaur at that time and were parents to two sons, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol and two daughters, Vijeeta Deol and Ajeeta Deol.

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In her biography, Hema Malini: Beyond The Dream Girl, written by Ram Kamal Mukherjee, Hema Malini recalled an incident with her mother-in-law, Satwant Kaur, during her first pregnancy. Narrating the same incident, Hema said that without informing anyone in the family, Satwant had visited her at a dubbing studio after she had conceived her elder daughter, Esha Deol. Elaborating on the incident, she shared her saasu maa's blessings for her and had said:

"Dharamji's mother Satwant Kaur was equally warm and kind-hearted. I remember how she came to meet me once at a dubbing studio in Juhu after I had conceived Esha. She hadn't informed anyone in the house. I touched her feet, she hugged me and said, 'Beta, khush raho hamesha.' I was happy that they were happy with me."

In the same book, Hema had also recalled that whenever her father-in-law, Kewal Kishan Singh Deol used to drop by her father's house, the former used to defeat her father or brother in arm-wrestling. Afterwards, Hema's sasur ji used to tease them for not eating ghee. In her words: 

"He (Kewal Kishan Singh Deol) would drop by and meet my father or brother for chai. Instead of shaking hands, he would arm-wrestle them, and after defeating them he would jokingly say, 'Tum log ghee-makkhan-lassi khao, idli aur sambhar se taqat nahi aati. My father would join in the laughter. He (Dharmendra's father) was a very jovial person."

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Earlier, in an interview with the National Herald, Hema Malini had opened her heart to many aspects of her life. When Hema was asked if she was happy, the actress hinted at her husband's absence in her life. Explaining it further, Hema had said:

"I never gave myself the opportunity to miss all the things that I didn’t have. I had my two daughters. Now when they’re grown up I suddenly look back and I feel, arrey, I missed out on something! Maybe I expected more of my husband’s company. I thought we’ll be together more often. I never felt that absence until now. When I married I thought we’d come to an arrangement that would suit all of us. Lekin nahin hua. But it’s okay. I accept the situation. As a human being I’m bound to have regrets….But he loves me like mad. When I think of his feelings for me everything seems worth it, even his physical absence"

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