Helen Recalls Dharmendra Was Shocked To See Her Name On Alvira's Wedding Invite, 'Mera Naam Bhi Hai'

Salim Khan had got both his wives, Salma Khan and Helen Khan's names added to his daughter, Alvira's wedding invite. However, Dharmendra was shocked to see the same.


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Helen Recalls Dharmendra Was Shocked To See Her Name On Alvira's Wedding Invite, 'Mera Naam Bhi Hai'

Salim Khan was already married to Sushila Charak, aka Salma Khan when he tied the knot with Helen in 1980. Salim and Salma married in 1964, and they have three sons, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, and two daughters, Alvira Khan and Arpita Khan. The entire Khan clan lives together and shares a cordial bond with one another. Surprisingly, Salma and Helen are also like sisters and do not have bad blood between them.

Helen recalled Dharmendra was shocked to see her name on Alvira's wedding card

In one of the episodes of Arbaaz Khan's chat show, The Invincibles, Helen recalled how Salim Khan got her name included in his daughter, Alvira’s wedding invitation, along with the other members of the family. Talking about the same, Helen told Arbaaz how Dharmendra was surprised that her name was also added to the wedding invite. She was heard saying:

“When Alvira was getting married, and you all had a wedding invitation card printed, and in that card, he said ‘Salim Khan, Salma Khan, Helen Khan and children invite you…' And he took it to Dharmendra ji and Dharmendra ji was shocked to see ki mera naam bhi add kiya hai. I will never forget that.”

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Helen heaped praises on Salim Khan for being a wonderful man

Arbaaz Khan agreed to Helen's revelation and mentioned that he remembered that incident quite well. He continued to praise his dad, Salim, but Helen interrupted him in between. She added that Salim Khan is a wonderful and kind man, and she is very lucky to have him in her life. In Helen's words:

"Your father is a wonderful, great, wise, kind.. I don't have the superlative to say what a wonderful man he is. You are very lucky to have a father like him and I am very lucky to have him in my life."

To watch the video, click here.

Salim Khan recalled how Salma Khan's father was against their inter-faith marriage

Earlier, in an interview with his son, Arbaaz Khan, on the talk show, The Invincibles, Salim Khan recalled that he wanted to meet Salma's parents as he felt that meeting secretly was inappropriate during their early days of courtship. Salim reflected on his first meeting with his father-in-law and shared that the latter was initially concerned about their religious differences. However, the filmmaker reassured him that religion would never be a problem between him and Salma. Later, Salim and Salma registered their marriage and embarked on their forever journey, but Salma's father did not accept their marriage. Moreover, he didn't even visit them for ten years until their son, Sohail was born.

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Salim Khan talks about the bond between his two wives, Salma and Helen

For the unversed, Salim Khan's love life took a major turn when he fell in love with renowned actress and dancer, Helen. During the same conversation, Salim Khan revealed that Salma was the first member of their family to accept Helen, and soon, everyone started living harmoniously. He also mentioned that this kind of relationship is only depicted in films and added that it’s very difficult to give equal importance to both sides in real life.


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