20 Heartbreaking Signs That You Two Are Headed For The Splitsville


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20 Heartbreaking Signs That You Two Are Headed For The Splitsville

Most people get into relationships with high hopes. You think that your relationship is going to end on a happy note.

While sometimes relationships do end up the way you want, sometimes they take the most unpredictable turns. Things go topsy-turvy, there is no longer any attraction left, and somehow the relationship between you and your partner is not as beautiful as it used to be.

And deep down, you know where your relationship is heading to– a break-up. (READ: 10 Important Lessons You Learn After Breaking Up With A Loser). But, if you cannot tell the signs are indicating that you let go, then this is for you. There are a few ways to tell that you and your partner are definitely headed for the splitsville. Just read on to know all about them.

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#1. Their calls no longer make you happy or excited

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In fact, you do not mind not talking to each other for days. And, sometimes you deliberately do not pick up your partner’s call because you just do not feel like talking to him/her. 

#2. You no longer call each other by cute pet names

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Not even by their actual pet names perhaps.

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#3. You do not send sweet, romantic messages

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No good morning, good night or any other sweet nothings to your beloved either.

#4. You make plans without involving your partner

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Making weekend plans with him/her does not interest you anymore. In short, you try to avoid spending time with each other as much as possible.

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#5. You both do not talk much

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If you meet, then you either are in a hurry to end the meeting, or are busy with your phones. You even interact in a very formal way with your partner.

#6. There are no discussions about your future

And if you try to initiate the talk, your partner will either try to avoid the topic or will talk in a disinterested manner.

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#7. There is no physical contact with your partner

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Meaning no kisses, no hugs, no cuddling or any other contact. Even saying ‘I Love You’ has become rare. There is no affection in your relationship anymore.

#8. You get introduced by name and not as their partner

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You are now not introduced as girlfriend, boyfriend or partner in front of your each other's friends, family or colleagues. You are suddenly being introduced by your name like, “This is Samaira,” or “This is Akshay.”

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#9. You do not have fun anymore

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You do not even remember the last time you both had a good time or had a great laugh together.

#10. Their daily lives do not interest you anymore

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Your partner’s daily activities or news do not interest you anymore. Whether he/she had a fight in the office or with their colleagues, or has been promoted, or had a bad day at home; you are absolutely not interested in giving your opinions or even listening to the whole matter. You have stopped venting all of a sudden as well.

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#11. There are no cute little fights anymore

You are not fighting with each other about anything. Agreed, fighting about every issue is not healthy in a relationship, but having few healthy fights about why he throws his towel on the bed, or why she leaves her comb on your study table or about anything else is good for your relationship. But, if you or your partner has stopped fighting completely, it means you both have given up on the relationship.

#12. Or the fights are bitter and aggressive now

Or, you are fighting very frequently about each and every issue. Just a word or a complaint from your partner, and things get on your nerves and you become aggressive. Earlier, you used to have discussions, but now it has changed to solely arguments.

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#13. They drive you crazy in the wrong way

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The habits of your partner, which you liked once, are now driving you crazy suddenly.

#14. You feel lonely

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This happens even when both of you are together. In fact, you like your own company better than your partner’s company.

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#15. They try to avoid you

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Your partner makes some big changes in his/her daily routine like staying back till wee hours in the office daily, working even on weekends or anything else, just to avoid you or to spend less time with you.

#16. Talking about them does not excite you anymore

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Whenever you talk about your partner with your dear ones, you end up getting frustrated or irritated. In fact, you try every possible way to avoid any conversation regarding them with your friends or family.

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#17. You have thought of breaking up many times

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You are no longer sure about your future with them. You have doubts and the idea of break-up comes in your mind every now and then.

#18. You make excuses to cancel meetings

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You make promises to be there, but at the last moment you come up with some excuse for not being there. You do not make any commitments easily now.

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#19. Setting things right is not a priority anymore

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You or your partner put no effort in making the things right in your relationship. It simply does not seem to be worth the effort.

#20. You no longer share things with them

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You have started keeping things to yourself. It seems pointless to do so now.

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Do any of these signs seem familiar to you? If yes, then chances are that your relationship might be heading towards a break-up. A relationship should make you happy and complete, but if it is not, then maybe this person is not right for you. And, that is why it is always better to come out of a bad relationship as soon as possible, so that you can look for happiness once again.

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