Hairstyle Ideas For The Mother Of The Bride

Hairstyle Ideas For The Mother Of The Bride

Wedding day is not just an important day for the couple, but also an emotional moment for their parents. A mother makes every possible effort to make her daughter look pretty on her wedding. But owing to the hustle-bustle of ceremonies, she does not pay much heed to herself. She might pay a little attention to her sarees, jewellery and shoes, but when it comes to her hair, she absolutely ignores it. So, all you daughters out there, it is your responsibility to make sure that your mother looks her best on your D-day. Plan her look well in advance to avoid last minute disasters. Here are some tips on how a bride’s mother can style her mane and look gorgeous on her daughter's wedding.

Styling your hair

Well, long hair can drag down your mum’s facial features and add years to her look. So, if your mother loves to experiment, ask her to get a blunt haircut. This bob cut with either a side or middle parting will make her look really classy. Also, make sure that she gets a professional blow dry done on your D-day. But those mothers who want to keep their long hair open, the length should only be kept till the shoulders. Extra-long hair should not be left open. Classic updos can really make them look neat and tidy. So, go for a French bun or a loose updo.

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Add some colour

With age, women start geting more grey hair and a dull complexion. In the process to hide these grey hair, they often go for hair colours. And, in this urge to look young they often choose black as the colour. But, black actually can make their features appear harder. And, the hair look more like a wig. So, make sure that you stop your mother from repeating this disaster again. Seek professional help and see what all colours can suit her skin tone.

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Accessorise your hair

You have always hated your aunts for donning several gaudy hair accessories at weddings and parties. Well, hair accessories do look nice, but too much of it can spoil your look. Pearl hair accessories look great on older women. So, ask your mum to adorn juda pins or clips with little pearls attached to them. They look elegant yet trendy. 

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Simple styling tips

Older women should stick to their natural look with a bit of styling. A drastic change in appearance may not look pleasant.

  • If your mum is keeping her hair open, ask her to pin half of them back. Hair strands on the face may really look untidy.
  • She can also opt for soft curls, as they look simple yet pretty.
  • If your mother has rough and dry hair, do not let her keep it open. An updo can make the look much tidy and classic.
  • If your mum is planning to pull her hair back, ask her to stay away from gaudy clips (with all the glitter and bling on them).

Remember, the mantra of ‘simple yet stylish’ will help your mother win accolades for her look on your wedding.

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