Which Type Of Belly Do You Have And How Can You Tone It To Get A Flat Stomach


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Which Type Of Belly Do You Have And How Can You Tone It To Get A Flat Stomach

If there is one thing that we all deeply crave for, it is having a flat and toned belly. For that slender waist, we spend hours in the gym doing crunches and leg-raise, and we even make ourselves eat that tasteless salad. All the hard work does have a good impact on our body, but that stubborn abdomen fat shows us no mercy. Abdomen fat doesn’t dissolve the way other fat molecules do. It has a complex structure and at times, that bulge is not entirely made of the cheesecake slice or the pizza that you ate last night. It can be a combination of stress and hormonal imbalance too.

If you want to win the battle against tummy fat, firstly, you have to identify the type of fat that you are holding. Once you know the reason behind that bulge, you will be able to tackle it in a smart way. Here are 5 types of tummies and easy hacks on how to get rid of them:

#1. Alcohol belly

Alcohol Belly

Appearance – Round, protruding belly

As the name suggests, this tummy type is a result of your guilty pleasures. Chugging down beer with friends or sipping on too much brunch wine, messes the natural metabolic rate of the body. Every kind of alcohol is high in calories which interferes with the digestive system. Even if you do not consume alcohol but lots of high-calorie mocktails, you can still end up with an alcohol belly.

Diet – In order to lose your alcohol belly, you have to limit your intake of alcohol and other high-calorie drinks (I know this is hard but just picturise yourself in that favourite crop top of yours and you aren’t even conscious about your belly!). Drink more water and include lots of green vegetables in your diet.

Suggested Exercises – Aerobics, Circuit Training and Weight Lifting

#2. Hormonal belly

Hormonal Belly

Appearance – Protruding and saggy lower belly

Whether you are a teenager or a mother of two, hormonal belly can hit you right in the gut. Hormonal imbalance leads to weight gain in women, especially around their stomach area. If you have Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), you might have a hormonal belly. A disturbed menstrual cycle can also give you this type of belly. Before doing anything yourself, first, consult your doctor.

Diet – Eat food that is rich in Omega-3. Stay away from things with a high level of fructose. Limit your intake of gluten and dairy products.

Suggested Exercises – High-intensity interval training (HIIT), stretching exercises and yoga poses

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#3. Stress belly

Stress Belly

Appearance – Thick belly with protruding mid-riff

Stress can cause you more problems than you can count. We all know that it can lead to hair fall and dull skin but it can also increase inches around your waist in an uneven way. When you are stressed-out, your sleep pattern suffers the most. When you do not get enough sound sleep, your cortisol and insulin levels go crazy. This situation confuses your brain and you end up with visceral fat stored in your belly. You have to stop taking stress (well, difficult again) if you want to lose this belly fat.

Diet – Cut down on your caffeine intake for a sound sleep. Eat food that is rich in Vitamins A, B and C. Never skip a meal and include soothing herbal teas like chamomile in your diet.

Suggested Workout – The only thing that you need to do to get rid of the stress belly is to remain active. Do anything that makes you happy. It could be dancing, running or even swimming.

#4. Mommy belly

Mommy Belly

Appearance – ‘B’ shaped belly with a saggy stomach pooch

During pregnancy, your abdomen increases in size to make space for the growing baby. Post-delivery, your body will find it difficult to go back to its original shape. This belly is the toughest to deal with as just exercise and proper diet cannot save you. The muscles around the abdomen lose their regenerative strength which results in the saggy skin. A person who has lost a lot of weight can have a mommy belly as well. Along with a combination of exercise and diet, indulge in some deep-tissue massage.

Diet – Food rich in protein and iron is a must. Eat lots of veggies and eggs. Eat every two hours and stay away from too much salt and sugar as it will increase your pooch.

Suggested Exercise – Exercises which targets both thighs and lower stomach are beneficial. For example, bridges, squats, leg raises and cycle crunches. High-intensity cardiovascular exercises are also good.

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#5. Bloated belly

Bloated Belly

Appearance – Sudden swelling

Some women feel bloated after eating things rich in gluten and glucose like rice and other wheat products. This happens because your digestive system finds it hard to digest carbohydrate-rich food which results in the swelling of the inner lining of the stomach. This is not a permanent stage but can happen any time. This unpredictability can lead to permanent damage. This type of fat is the easiest to lose. Just follow a few simple steps.

Diet – Low-carb, gluten-free diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will make your digestive system stronger. Drink plenty of water and stay away from food items that make you bloat.

Suggested Exercise – Any high-intensity workout will hit the bloated area with equal vigour.

Half of the problems gets resolved once you identify their root cause. It is much easier to deal with the stubborn belly fat if you know the agents that are increasing your inches. Just keep one thing in mind, there is no shortcut to success. A healthy lifestyle, which is a combination of a balanced diet and cardiovascular workout can give you the body that you desire. Give it your 100% and your belly fat will be forced to packs its bags and move out. Good Luck!

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