Guide To Buy A Perfect Foundation

Guide To Buy A Perfect Foundation

Foundation is a product that helps you create a 'second – flawless skin' over your own skin. Finding a perfect foundation is super easy it’s just that you have to follow some rules which are actually nothing but some common sense. When you buy perfect foundation, your skin looks amazing and also makeup lasts longer. Let’s cover rules to find perfect foundation:

Color Match

To have a perfect illusion of second skin which foundation gives, we need to properly match your foundation with your skin tone. Now first principle here is that always try foundation in natural lighting – artificial lighting in stores and malls will not give your correct idea if its matches your skins tone. Second your face might be having different tones of skin so basic thumb rule is that always try foundation near jawline because that is closest to your skin color. When you try foundation on your skin and you’re not able to see foundation that means its right shade for you.

Right Formulae

Every skin type has different needs and hence we need to buy right formulae of foundation since result will vary per formulation even though shade is correct for you.

  • Oily Skin would need an oil free or matte finish foundation. Try a water based foundation
  • Dry or dehydrated skin would need moisture rich or dewy foundation to add radiance
  • Perfect skin – skin that doesn’t need much coverage would need a tinted moisturizer with light formulae

Follow these two rules and you’ll always buy right foundation to have a perfect makeup. In case of any doubt share with beauty advisors that they should help you follow them. When you show that you’re educated about details, they also put extra efforts to help you get best products.

Be Beautiful !!

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