Gazhal Alagh On Unfair Treatment Of Society: 'Bacha Nahi Samhal Sakti Business Kaise Banayegi?'

'Shark Tank India' fame, Gazhal Alagh recalled how a female blogger had made her cry by saying that she could not handle her baby or her business. Read on!


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Gazhal Alagh On Unfair Treatment Of Society: 'Bacha Nahi Samhal Sakti Business Kaise Banayegi?'

Ghazal Alagh needs no introduction. She is an influential Indian entrepreneur, the founder of the cosmetic brand, MamaEarth, a wife, a mother and whatnot! She won hearts after her stint in the business reality show, Shark Tank India, where the business tycoons would invest in the startups they liked in return for some equity. 

Talking about Ghazal’s personal life, she had got married to her businessman-boyfriend, Varun Alagh, on January 28, 2011. The couple embraced parenthood with the arrival of two sons, Agastya and Ayaan. However, in a recent media interaction, she revealed how a lady influencer had made her cry by taunting about her capabilities as a mother and as a businesswoman. 

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In a candid conversation with Chetan Bhagat, he asked Ghazal Alagh about the unfairness she faces as a female entrepreneur and how she deals with the trolls. Answering this, she said that people have called her unprofessional and also commented on her parenting. She said:

“People called me unprofessional. They said I won’t be able to manage a business if I can’t even manage my child.”


In the same conversation, Chetan asked how bad these trolls went and how much it affected her. To this, Gazhal recalled a video chat, when a female blogger had hung up the call on her face saying that she couldn’t be a successful entrepreneur as she couldn’t handle her crying baby. In her words:

“Very bad, to the extent that I have cried for hours over these things. For example, this same lady, she had once gone through the same thing, it was just that her kids had grown up now. She was a blogger, a celebrated blogger, and I wanted my brand to be featured on her blog… I was trying to convince her to work with us for no money. My son was in my arms while I was talking to her, and he started crying. She told me to handle him first and then reconnect with her. I apologised and said it’s fine. She said, ‘Aapse bachcha sambhal nahi raha, aap business kaise banayengi (You can’t handle your child, how will you handle a business)? And she hung up.”

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Talking about social media trolls, Chetan asked about the choti-moti backlashes she had to face on the internet. To this, Gazhal said that when she makes dance reels with her hubby, people take to the comment section and remind them that they have a business to handle. She said:

“I get trolled a lot. Varun and I are a fun couple. We like to sing and dance. We make Reels. And people comment saying forget all this, focus on work. They also say that what’s the point of earning so much money if you’re going to make Reels on Instagram at the end of the day.” 


We love how strongly Gazhal has been facing the prejudices of society. What about you?

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