Narayani Shastri Talks About Her Equation With Ex-Boyfriend, Gaurav Chopra's Wife On 'JuzzBaatt'


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Narayani Shastri Talks About Her Equation With Ex-Boyfriend, Gaurav Chopra's Wife On 'JuzzBaatt'

In the tinsel town, relationships and break ups are very common, and in what could be termed as a recent trend, we often see exes being good friends. Such is also the case of ex-lovebirds- Gaurav Chopra and Narayani Shastri. Today, they are married to Hitisha Cheranda and Steven Graver respectively. But even after their break up, they have managed to be good friends together. (Also Read: Dipika Kakar Wishes Her Perfect Husband Shoaib Ibrahim On His First Birthday Post-Marriage)

In the Rajeev Khandelwal’s chat show, JuzzBaatt, Gaurav Chopra and Narayani Shastri made an appearance together. Initially, the plan was to get both of them with respective partners but then both of them denied stating that their spouses are not that camera friendly. In a DNA report, it was quoted, “Initially, both were approached separately and were invited on the sets along with their spouses. But they said that their partners are media shy. That’s when the makers asked Gaurav and Narayani if they will come together on the show and they immediately agreed. These exes are close friends today”.

Gaurav Chopra And Narayani Shastri Talk About Their Open Relationship

In the show, when Narayani was asked to comment on her equation with Gaurav, she replied, “Gaurav and I had a very open relationship, which was out there. When you tend to be friends with your ex, it is awkward initially because you are moving from one phase to another, but then you get used to it”.

She further added, “I have to be careful. I remember I have said a few things in front of Hitisha because I have known Gaurav for a longer time. But I am careful and do not overstep. Moreover, Hitisha is very warm and takes things very confidently”. (Suggested Read: Urvashi Dholakia, 40-Year-Old Single Mother, Gave A Birthday Surprise To Her 23-Year-Old Twin Sons)

Gaurav Chopra And Narayani Shastri Talk About Their Open Relationship

This is great, seeing the exes as friends, right? In a hush-hush wedding on February 19, 2018, Gaurav got married to Hitisha. Talking about their wedding, Gaurav’s ex, Narayani revealed to a media portal earlier, “I was supposed to go to the wedding. But on Feb 18 when Gaurav got married, mere shoot ka last day tha. And, I couldn't go. Gaurav and Hitisha, both, are amazing people. They are perfect for each other. Hopefully, they will always be happy.” Adding further she remarked, “Hitisha is a very smart, sensible and secure girl. Gaurav loves her a lot and she doesn't have to fear anything”.

Gaurav Chopra And Hitisha Cheranda

When asked about she being friends with Gaurav, Narayani said, “Well, I am good friends with all my ex-boyfriends. I would never let go off a good friend. And, aren't two people in love often good friends first before they enter into a relationship? Coming to Gaurav, he is an awesome human being. Why would I let go off such a friend- and vice versa”.

Gaurav Chopra, Mouni Roy And Narayani Shastri

After his break up with Narayani, Gaurav dated Naagin actress, Mouni Roy. Commenting on the same, Narayani once said, “They were not meant to be together. They two had drastically different temperaments. Mouni is a very sweet girl. But dekha jaye toh it eventually didn't work out between Gaurav and me too na? But yeah, Mouni and Gaurav ended it differently. I want to be friends with Gaurav, but maybe Mouni doesn't think that way. But it's ok na? Different people think differently”. (Don't Miss: Saif Ali Khan Gets Angry When A Fan Tries To Click Taimur Ali Khan's Picture On Their Trip To London)

Well, now both Gaurav Chopra and Narayani Shastri are happily married in their respective lives. And it feels good to see that they share an amicable bond with each other even today.

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