Fun Bedroom Games For The Married Couples

Fun Bedroom Games For The Married Couples

Escape the vagaries of elements and remain fresh in the bedroom. In the swiftly changing world with spiralling tensions and rising mood swings, we bring together a list of games to play it cool! 

From bored to board games

Remember the good old days when you played scrabble, monopoly, the famous ludo or snakes and ladders? Trade back your smartphones and tablets with some board games at night. Not only should you let go off all your emails and tasks, but also realize that virtual games are no fun. Board games are sure to bring back the genuine intimacy and quality time with your partner while having some competitive fun!

Midnight feasts

Bond with your partner as you make those long meaningful words in a game of scrabble, eat a midnight meal together, trash talk while playing and shudder those pieces away if you lose. Doing all this is going to keep you together, physically and consciously!

Couple Games on PS3/Xbox

Guys love console games and he will enjoy it more if his partner likes it too. The makers of PS3 and X-box have many couple games where you get to show your spirit and competitive strength. And who said, console games always have to be fair?

Truth or dare

This is that superb game from all the slumber parties you attended as a singleton. Try playing it together in a room but only after thinking up some persuasive questions and naughty dares. How about telling him to dress up in your favourite nightgown or asking her about that old crush. These games are supposed to be fun; so refrain from attacking your partner with sensitive questions or tasks in any way. 

Soul stirrers

If you both wish to restore your sense of well-being and equilibrium, then indulge in bubble baths and rubdowns. Do it together or divide duties to relax each other and feel cocoon-fresh! You could also pick up some body paints from stores that sell luxury bath items. No intruding conversations but just facials, manicures, pedicures are going to give your relationship the much-needed recharge.

In Unwind mode

Bid adieu to boring television and rather have a music collection with your favourites numbers. Brighten boring nights by playing anything right from the peppy ‘Subah hone na de’  to the slow ‘Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh’. There is nothing better than soothing music blending into your swift dance moves creating the perfect ambiance.

Whether you are in the mood for romance or not, you can charm your partner with one of these ideas every night. It doesn’t always have to be the most exclusive dinner or the most exquisite setting, but spending quality time together doing things that are just fun. Leave those expensive dates for a better occasion and for now turn the usual boring nights into something innovative and fun.    

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