10 Things You Can Do At Home To Make Your Feet Beautiful


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10 Things You Can Do At Home To Make Your Feet Beautiful

We all wish to have feet just as soft and smooth as a baby. These days it is believed that going to parlours for regular pedicure will make our feet beautiful. But, the truth is that pedicure can help to only some extent. The best foot care can be done only when you follow a foot care regime dedicatedly.

So, we bring you a few simple home care tips to get naturally pretty feet.

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#1. For treating cracked heels

The most common problem affecting feet is cracked heels.The best way to heal them though, is to look into your kitchen.

home remedies for pretty soft beautiful feet candles

Renowned aesthetician and Cosmetologist and Founder-Director of Alps Beauty Clinics, Ms Bharti Taneja suggests,

“To say goodbye to cracked heels just create a mixture by heating the candle wax with equal amount of mustard oil so that it emerges as a thick concoction. Fill your cracks with it to wave off your worries. You can also prepare a mixture by adding one teaspoon each of shampoo and table salt along with a few drops of antiseptic liquid in a two litres of warm water. Now, soak your feet in it for 10 minutes; scrub off the dead skin using pumice stone and rinse off with warm water. After your feet get dry, massage it using a moisturising cream and sleep with cotton socks on overnight to get ramp-ready feet the very next morning.”

#2.  For fair and bright feet

home remedies for pretty soft beautiful feet glycerine rose water

We all usually apply various face packs to have fair and bright skin. Similarly, with simple homemade packs, we can have beautiful, fair and bright feet as well. Bharti Taneja says:

“For making your feet fair and bright, prepare a mixture containing equal amounts of glycerin, rose water and lemon juice. Now, apply this after thoroughly washing your feet and rinse-off to reveal fairer and brighter looking paws.”

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#3. For daily care

home remedies for pretty soft and beautiful feet daily care

To have naturally beautiful feet, you require regular care. Wash your feet daily; if feasible, then twice a day– at the beginning and end of the day. You can add aloe vera gel to your daily foot care regime. It can do wonders for your feet. Rub your feet with this gel to make them ultra-soft.

#4. For relaxing your feet

foot care tips naturally pretty soft beautiful feet grass

Just like our body, our feet too require relaxation. Take a brisk walk on the green grass of any nearby park. This is sure to improve the quality of your vision as well as provide a refreshing dose of nature to your feet.

Another tip suggested by Bharti Taneja is, 

“You should also avoid hanging your legs for a longer duration as it may result into restrictive blood circulation. You may also try relaxing your leg muscles by placing them onto a pillow while sleeping, in order to eventually, pamper your feet.”

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#5.  For removing dead skin cells

home remedies for pretty soft and beautiful feet honey lemon milk

The easiest way to remove the dead skin cells from your feet is with the help of honey and lemon juice. Make a mixture of honey, milk and lemon juice and dip your feet in it for 10 minutes daily. This will surely remove the dead skin from your feet making them smooth and soft.

#6. For getting rid of suntan

home remedies for pretty soft and beautiful feet sun tan

Another common problem occurring with feet is tanning. The best way to remove it, is by applying either suntan lotion, cucumber or potato juice on your feet.

Another tip shared by Gulshan Arora, who works with one of the leading beauty parlours, is,

“Suntan can be removed quickly. Make the powder from dry orange peels and add some milk to make the paste; add some rose water to it and apply the pack for 20 mins. Apply this pack thrice a week for quicker results.”

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#7. For nourishing dry feet

fot care tips soft beautiful pretty feet coconut oil

Coconut oil is known to have many healing properties. For those who have dry skin, coconut oil is the choicest blessing of all. Apply the coconut oil at night or after daily bath; this will cure the dryness and will make your feet soft. Coconut oil has medicinal properties, hence making it beneficial for your body. The lauric acid present in the coconut oil helps in removing the infections and making feet more cleaner and softer. You can also replace coconut oil with olive oil.

#8. For removing blackness

home remedies for pretty soft and beautiful feet vaseline

This is another great way for making feet beautiful and soft. It works wonders for blackened feet.

Meham, who works with Lakme Salon, says,

“Just before going to bed at night, wash your feet and apply Vaseline on them. And then cover it with a pair of white socks. Within 15 days, you will start feeling the difference yourself.”

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#9. For hydrating our feet

home remedies for pretty soft and beautiful feet

This provides enough hydration needed by the skin of your feet. Smash a banana into a bowl and apply the layer on your feet. Leave it on for 15-20 mins and then wash with cold water. Banana makes the skin soft and heals the dehydration effects. They are known to contain vitamins A, B, C and E, and minerals such as potassium, hence providing an enhancement to the health as well as the beauty of your feet.

#10. For having snowy white feet

home remedies for pretty soft and beautiful feet egg white

Ever wish to have snowy white feet? Eggs can help you in a great way. It contains lutein that helps hydrating your skin. Separate the egg white from the egg and whisk till it becomes the rich foam. And now apply it on your feet. Leave it on for 15 mins, let them make your feet more white and soft. As eggs tend to leave a bad smell behind, wash with mild soap or body wash. This will also help in toning your skin.

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Home remedies always work wonders to enhance your natural beauty. Just a few simple tricks can make you look and feel like a princess. So, go ahead and follow these homemade remedies to get naturally pretty feet. Have a 'Happy Feet' time!

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