Finding Your Feng Shui Power Spots For Love And Romance

Finding Your Feng Shui Power Spots For Love And Romance

There are special techniques in Feng Shui that can be utilized to enhance the relationship, love and marriage luck of a person. Even though Feng Shui tips for love technique can be very effective in attracting love, it can't guarantee it will be forever. Your own effort is another important factor for everlasting love relationships. Feng shui helps you in your love life by first finding the love spots in your home. Once you locate the love spots in your house, you can then increase your love luck.

“Ba-gua” is an energy map from feng shui that divides any space into eight sections and all these section affect your love life. Once Gua number has been identified, the next step is to determine your favorable direction. This will be the direction to enhance your relationship luck. There are separate relationship directions for people with different gua numbers. South is the direction with Gua1, northwest for Gua2, Southeast for Gua3, East for Gua4, Southwest for Gua5, Northeast for Gua 6, West for Gua7, and North for Gua 8.

There is a clear understanding to find your Gua number. Person who was born in Year 1981 and gender is male, the Gua number is 1 (sum of the resultant two digits on adding the year of birth in case of males). The personal relationship direction is South direction. If it is female, the Gua number is 8 (difference of the resultant two digits on adding the year of birth in case of females). This means that the personal relationship direction is west direction.

Many people find it difficult to recognize their relationship direction and so they are unable to place their feng shui objects in the right areas. Following steps help you to determine the power spots of your house.

You need to find the rooms located in the southwest sector of your house. You can do that using a normal compass or you may also use the doorway method to determine the southwest direction of your house. Now stand in your front entry while facing into your house. What room or rooms are in the back of the house on the right-hand side?

Compare the rooms you identified using these two methods. Stairways, closets, and bedrooms occupied by anyone other than yourself should not be on your list. If you identified the living room, dining room, kitchen, or any other pleasant space, keep those rooms on your list.

Put your personal bedroom on the list, even if it is not in the southwest direction as it is a good place for feng shui romance. If your bedroom is in the southwest direction then it is considered to be a strong power spot for you.

Find the southwest area of your bedroom using a compass. Then stand in the doorway facing into the room and locate the far corner on your right-hand side. If these two areas overlap, you have identified a very powerful relationship power spot for feng shui enhancement and if these two areas are not the same then you need to compare them.

Some other things that you can use to enhance the power spots are red candles, red heart or a red heart shaped box, pink or red pillows, fresh red or pink flowers, etc.

With romance, the idea is to entice romance: keep things in pairs, use romantic colours, and be more amenable to love. Do not surround yourself with lone figures and fill your bedroom with candles and luxury bedding. It is pretty simple system but effective. You probably have tried using other ways in improving and enhancing your relationship luck but not getting the satisfied results, why not to give a try to this. You will be amazed and see the results in couple of months on how Feng Shui can change your love life.


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