Feelings Of A Bride Before Wedding

Feelings Of A Bride Before Wedding

We asked a few brides, “What were your feelings like, a week or 10 days before the wedding?”

The responses were as unique as they were common. While all of them agreed to going through a ‘medley of emotions’, there were some who said that sometimes they just felt like leaving everything to the wind and going for a Hawaiian vacation.

They couldn’t really name a single dominant emotion because there were so many things happening simultaneously. There’s the:

- Joy of being forever with your love

-  Pain of saying goodbye

-  Anxiety about the wedding ceremonies and celebrations

-  Fear about the life ahead and

Confusion: “Am I allowed to feel all these things or to simply be happy because every bride is supposed to be HAPPY when getting married?”

Now that many of them got a chance to reminisce about those days, they spoke very candidly about them, sometimes even smiling at what they were actually thinking then. We’ve documented the three most interesting responses below. Let’s see how many of the brides-to-be out there connect with these:

“It was all very chaotic and still very sweet”

Says Shipra – I did not have much to do, just go for final fittings and pay attention as my mother and sister packed my things. My family members had so many things to look after, last moment preparations for the final celebration. Still, they would find time and pamper me to no end; they wouldn’t let me do anything, get different local delicacies for me (because I won’t get to eat them as often); we would all sit till late at night and talk to no end. Everybody wanted to make it special for me in his or her own way and at these moments I’d feel, “are they really prepared to part from me? Man, I am still not sure whether I am ready for it!”

“Frankly, I was on the edge” (of nervous breakdown)

Says Rhea – well, I wasn’t really going to turn into a lunatic but that time the chances were rather strong. I’d go nuts over planning for so many ceremonies, dresses, gifts and then listening to so many suggestions and when it would come from my MIL or SIL, then that meant it had to be followed. I suddenly used to miss my single life and then think about what more was to come. Another annoying moment was when mom or sister would say, “Pack it separately with your stuff” or “Do you want to take this too or leave it here?”

That typical tera-mera thing would get on my nerves so badly. I had become very cranky and would either start crying or snap at anybody who I know would take it. But the last two days (before the festivities started) were magically very calm and peaceful. We had all decided to go to a resort for spending family time, away from the wedding frenzy. And the getaway was fabulous and I felt the sense of security and joy that I was craving for so much. 

I wanted a few more days

Says Anamika – as the wedding day was coming closer, the realization hit very hard that in a few days everything is going to be different and that was when I’d yearn for a ‘few days more’ in my home, with my family and friends. That entire obsession over jewelry, dresses, honeymoon etc was suddenly gone. And the most confusing part was that on one hand I wanted a few more days and on the other I wanted to get done with everything-wedding in a rapid fire motion. It’s all very confusing at that time. My friends were a valuable support during these days because talking to mom or dad about these feelings would mean tears, tears and more tears. Friends are there to listen to what you’ve to say and they won’t call you a water-tank (like your fiancé) if you indeed give into tears sometimes.

These are some very strong emotions which only a bride preparing for the ultimate walk down the aisle can feel. Share with us what are/were your feelings a week before the wedding.

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