Falguni Peacock Body Shames Plus-Sized Brides Advising Them Not To Wear Deep-Necks, Netizens Troll

Post Falguni and Shane Peacock unveiled the Bonjour Amer' collections, she sat down for an interview beside her showstopper, Sara Ali Khan and shared her thoughts about plus-sized brides.


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Falguni Peacock Body Shames Plus-Sized Brides Advising Them Not To Wear Deep-Necks, Netizens Troll

As rightly said by someone, “Happiness is not size specific” and we truly abide by it! Gone are the days when only the slim and fair-skinned were considered beautiful. It all lies in the eyes of the beholder and only if you want to do it! Plus-sized people (which includes many actresses who used to be plump once) have revealed time and again about the societal pressure that used to govern them for being ‘fat’. Being fat does not take beauty away from you, it rather, paves way for more! However, a celebrity designer recently got busted on social media for her comments on plus-sized brides. (Do Read: Unseen Picture Of Shloka Mehta From Wedding Reception Proves Why Red Will Always Be Bride's Colour)

Any guesses as to whom we are talking about? Ace designers, with over 15 years of experience in this industry, Falguni and Shane Peacock! Falguni and Shane had been creating headlines ever since they unveiled their ‘Bonjour Amer' collection for the India Couture Week. It had also marked Sara Ali Khan’s debut ram walk as the showstopper for the show. Sharing a picture from the same, this designer duo’s official Instagram handle, the same could be read as “The young and effervescent @saraalikhan95 looked exquisite as she walked the ramp in an antique white, crystal cascaded lehenga at the India Couture Week.”

Sara and Falguni Shane peacock

Post the show was over Falguni Peacock sat down for an interview beside her showstopper, Sara Ali Khan and shared her thoughts about plus-sized brides. It was then that Falguni had shared that she would not advise them to wear plunging necklines. The ace designer had stated, “I won't blatantly tell her to lose weight, but you have enough time and you can work on yourself. It is pretty easy to lose a couple of inches if you want to.” Falguni had further added, “Long blouses, more flared lehengas and not fitted because fitted won't really work when you’re a little big. No deep necks for them maybe higher.” This did not go down well with the netizens who started busting Falguni for her derogatory comments. Falguni then had at once written an apology for her comments. The same could be read as "To all you beautiful women, I am so so sorry if I’ve inadvertently hurt anyone’s feelings. This wasn’t my intention at all. Having dealt with body issues all my life (and am still dealing with them) I realise that we should wear what we want and what makes us happy. My sincere apologies." Checkout the same below along with the video:



Falguni peacock

Falguni and Shane Peacock





While Falguni Peacock’s comments about plus-sized actresses did make us sad, given that it was coming out from a designer that we all had always looked upto, Sabyasachi Mukherjee on the other hand, recently unveiled his latest collection which complimented and flaunted brides of mixed types. Sharing a picture from the same, Sabyasachi had written, “Charbagh featuring the Devi collection. Winter 2019 bridal. Womenswear and menswear. Jewellery Courtesy: Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry collection @sabyasachijewelry.” Here’s the picture:

Falguni and Shane peacock

In an interview with the Femina a while back, Shane Peacock had talked about the current taste of Indian brides. He had shared, “A lot of things have changed in the past few years. For one, social media has brought everyone together and made everyone aware of international trends. It has brought a world of cultures to your door and to your phone. Besides, most of our brides are very well-travelled and they understand fashion and are very clued in on the latest trends. Since our designs are edgy, they come to us with the understanding that what they’ll get will be slightly different from the regular.” (Must Read: Armaan Jain Shares His Secret Engagement Pictures With His Longtime Girlfriend, Anissa Malhotra)

Falguni and shane peacock

Shane Peacock had further added, “Another interesting trend is that brides are now asking us to design for their bachelorette parties as well! These days the main wedding is divided into so many different functions with brides wanting a different look for each of them. We have been only been seriously doing bridal for the last two years and, accordingly, our mentality and design ethos has changed. We now have to think of what a bride would wear keeping our design sensibility in mind. For instance, a gold lehenga could easily work as a gown with a little modification. I could never do a very traditional outfit, but then I never say ‘never.’ Tomorrow I may just do it!”

Husband-wife duo, Falguni and Shane Peacock work together as a team. Revealing their professional secret, Shane had revealed, “Falguni and I are two bodies with one soul. We are both each other’s shadows and we’re always together wherever we go. Even when we are designing separately we give each other so many inputs along the way that, ultimately, it’s almost as if we designed it together. We are constantly collaborating and there are no ego issues and disagreements because we have one common goal—we want the brand to speak. It’s always been about the brand, not Falguni or Shane. We are one and even the brand name reflects that. Earlier, we were two separate entities Falguni and Shane Peacock, but three years ago we removed the ‘and’ and changed it to FalginiShanePeacock.”

Falguni and Shane Peacock

Talking about their inspiration behind the work that they are doing, Shane Peacock had stated, “I have always been inspired by India for all our collections. The final outfit may not be very Indian to look at but the inspiration always is! Anything can spur my creativity from a place, a city, someone’s courtyard; architecture…music inspires us a lot. We work a lot with musicians and it gives us great creative satisfaction to create something that only a musician or performer can wear. For instance, there’s something that only Lady Gaga can wear and she did. We are influenced by technology. For instance, we recently collaborated with IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence to create a new line.” (Also Read: Sarvagun Sampanna's Tina Philip Is All Set To Get Engaged Next Month To Co-Star From Another Show)

Guys, what are your thoughts on Falguni’s comments about plus-sized brides? Let us know!

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