Faisal Khan Says He Fell In Love With A Wrong Person After Muskaan Kataria's Cheating Allegations

The youngest jodi of 'Nach Baliye 9', Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria has called it quits as the latter accused him of infidelity. Faisal broke his silence on the allegations in an interview.


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Faisal Khan Says He Fell In Love With A Wrong Person After Muskaan Kataria's Cheating Allegations

Heartbreaks are never easy and sometimes things get tougher and uglier in the course of action. The best feeling in the world is to fall in love with the right person and at the right time. However, when you realise that you are no longer in love with that same person, your life takes a complete U-turn. Everything starts to fall apart and you are left with nothing but disappointments and betrayal. Nach Baliye 9 contestants, Muskaan Kataria and Faisal Khan are going through the same phase and are dealing with their breakup.

Faisal Khan had entered the show, Nach Baliye 9 with his 'then-girlfriend', Muskaan Kataria and the two were the youngest jodi on the show. Faisal, being a professional dancer, had participated with his non-dancer girlfriend and the two had given stunning performances and were considered to be the biggest competitors on the show. However, due to Faisal’s sudden accident, the duo had to quit the show midway. Post their eviction, there were rumours that the couple had parted ways and after some time, Muskaan cleared the air and had said, “The news of our breakup is true. We are no longer together." (Recommended Read: Priyanka Chopra Reveals Her Father's Wish Of Seeing Her Wedding, He Would Say 'Main Suit Kab Silwau')     

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The youngest and ‘fevicol jodi’ (as they were fondly called on the show) of Nach Baliye 9 was loved by all and their breakup news broke our hearts. Muskaan Kataria said that Faisal Khan's closeness with his Chandragupta Maurya co-star, Sneha Wagh was the reason behind their breakup. Faisal, in an interview with the Bombay Times, has spoken about the allegations and said, “She has been the biggest mistake of my life and aaj main apne maa baap se nazar nahi mila paata hoon (now I can’t look into my father’s eyes). I don’t want to date anyone and I am scared of falling in love again. I have learnt that one must know the person thoroughly before getting into a serious relationship. I think I fell in love with the wrong person.”      

faisal and muskaan

Muskaan had accused Faisal of infidelity and said that his unfaithfulness was the reason behind their split. Faisal broke his silence on the accusation and said, “I am shocked that Muskaan has accused me of infidelity. I have never cheated on her. Why have these accusations surfaced only after I had to bow out of the dance reality show owing to my injury? She acted all mushy, romantic and was sitting on my lap till the time I was performing on the show.”

faisal and muskaan

Muskaan Kataria had claimed to be in depression due to her rocky relationship with Faisal Khan. Faisal laughed off the reports and said, “Just 15 days mein depression gaayab hone wala tareeka koi mujhe bhi bata de (Someone teach me how to get out of depression in just 15 days as well). Look at my state and you will know what it is like to be depressed.” (Suggested Read: Ananya Panday Shares A Thank You Note For Daddy, Chunky Panday On His Birthday)

faisal and muskaan

Faisal also cleared the air on the allegation that they were faking their relationship to be on the show and said, “It is true that we were having a lot of fights before 'Nach Baliye', but we hadn’t split then. I wanted to give our relationship a second chance. I was told that reality shows serve as a great platform to know each other better and resolve differences because of the amount of time a couple gets to spend together. Despite a tight schedule leaving me with just an hour for sleep, I took up the reality show to be close to Muskaan. But she would fight with me over petty things and I would often be upset about our increasing quarrels.”

faisal and muskaan

Faisal Khan's closeness with his co-star, Sneha Wagh became the reason behind their arguments and later breakup. Sneha plays Faisal’s on-screen mother and the bond they share has been the talk of the town. Their overfriendliness had made Muskaan insecure and she decided to call it quits. Sneha had taken good care of Faisal after he had suffered an injury on the sets of the show, Chandragupta Maurya. Addressing these claims, Faisal stated, “Sneha and I are thick friends and there is nothing more to it. In fact, Sneha and my other co-actor Tarun Khanna helped me come out of my difficult phase.”   

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Muskaan Kataria, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, had confirmed the news of their breakup and cleared the air about what went wrong. She had said, “Yes, we have parted ways. We were a couple obviously. I would never lie to my family and my followers/lovers about something so important and sensitive. Our families were involved and knew about us, if we kid would have been wrong and faking it, both our families would have stopped us and not supported us. In fact, even the channel and production house wouldn’t have accepted us.”

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There were speculations that the couple had parted ways due to their sudden eviction from the show. Clearing the air on the same, Muskaan had said, “Whatever has happened between us, it has happened after the show, of which I would not like to go in details of. In fact, right now if we would have been doing Nach Baliye, then to this would have happened because it is a personal decision. Nach Baliye has nothing to do with our breakup. I was always truthful towards my relationship with Faisal and no one can fake the level of chemistry we had when we were on the stage of Nach Baliye. We were in a relationship before and when we started practising for Nach Baliye, we completed our 1.5 years anniversary which was the next day of my birthday.” (Also Read: Amy Jackson Cannot Stop Gushing Over Her Little Man, Andreas' Cuteness, Shares A Twinning Picture)

fisal and muskaan

We had loved Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria's bonding on the show, 'Nach Baliye 9'. What about you? 

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