Faisal Khan's GF, Muskaan Kataria Gets Emotional On Sudden Exit From Nach Baliye Due To His Injury

Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria have been on the top of the game, time and again and thereby, only to mark their sudden exit due to a mishap that happened to him on teh sets of his daily soap.


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Faisal Khan's GF, Muskaan Kataria Gets Emotional On Sudden Exit From Nach Baliye Due To His Injury

For all the buffs like us who are hooked onto some television entertainment, the last quarter of the year comes to all of us as gifts! An array of reality TV shows like Nach Baliye, Bigg Boss, Khatron Ke Khiladi adorns the idiot box in our houses and we can’t help but watch it, talk about it and also hold discussions about who fought better, with our peers. Talking specifically about Nach Baliye in here, the show is back with its 9th season after almost a year-and-a-half break and the performances by the jodis on the show are getting better with each passing day! And when we think about star performers of the show, Faisal Khan and his ladylove, Muskaan Kataria’s name deserves a special mention. (Do Read: Rishi Kapoor Leaves New York On His Birthday With Neetu Kapoor, Will Be Back Home In Mumbai Soon)

Nach Baliye 9 has aired about 15 episodes till date and out of 15, Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria have garnered the highest number of Hi-5’s. In case you are wondering what a Hi-5 is, any contestant whose performance is outside the box and manages to captivate the heart of the judges and the audience, and gets to sit on an array of golden chairs and is saved from going to the elimination round. Faisal and Muskaan have managed to do that time and again and thereby, got the 5th Hi-5 of the week, only to mark their sudden exit due to a mishap that happened to Faisal on the sets of his serial, Chandragupta Maurya.

Faisal and Muskaan

We will share vivid details of the accident in the words of Faisal Khan later, his ladylove, Muskaan Kataria, wrote an open letter to her fans and boyfriend, for their unplanned exit from the show. Posting an adorable candid picture from their last appearance, Muskaan penned, “Our journey on Nach Baliye 9 has been one of the most exciting phases of our lives. We have been through sleepless nights on rehearsals, conquered Hi5 almost every time, showing bits and pieces of our relationship to the world, dealt with minor wounds and whatnot. But who thought our life and our journey would take a tragic turn like this? @faisalkhan30 you have been strong until now and have to continue being strong in this crucial time. You are blessed with extraordinary relationships and love which many are not aware of. Get well soon!”

Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria

To give you details about the terrible misadventure that happened to Faisal Khan, the 20-year-old actor posted a heart-wrenching picture of himself from the hospital bed and wrote, “Sometimes, destiny takes the lead against your wishes and unfortunately, you cannot control it. Nach Baliye was my return on the stage, reliving adrenaline rush of performing on stage again, dancing and doing what so love the most! And this time no longer as a child but rather as an adult! The journey so far had been fabulous as we continued to stretch our own limits and bring to stage one after another never seen before acts. But, little did I know that the world is going to turn upside down for me. We take the smallest things for granted and really don’t know what tomorrow holds for us.” (Must Read: Tanazz Irani's Birthday Wish For Sis-In-Law, Delnaaz Irani Will Give You Major 'Nanad-Bhabhi' Goals)

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan’s heartfelt post concluded with, “The last three days have changed the course of my immediate future and how! As most of you know, I have had a massive injury while shooting for Chandragupta Maurya. Luckily the doctors performed a surgery day before yesterday, and I am on my road to recovery. A fibula tibia fracture is painful and how! It will be a few weeks I’d be rest and at least a few months of sadly no dance! Ask me what an addiction dance is, ask me what an addiction the stage is and I shall tell you every minute in the next two months shall be incomplete, as I am without dance in my life! Keep us in your prayers.”

Faisal and Muskaam

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Faisal Khan talked about his journey from Dance India Dance Li’l Masters win to now participating with his muse on Nach Baliye 9. With she being a non-dancer, Faisal talked about his experience upon shaking a leg with his love, “Muskaan isn’t a dancer and it is a bit difficult to coordinate with her as I am used to sharing the stage with professional dancers. This is the first time that I am dancing with a beginner on such a big platform. But she is very hard-working and putting in a lot of effort. We started dancing together when we started dating so we are doing well for now.”

Muskaan and Faisal

Faisal Khan had also revealed how he feels when the performance doesn’t go as planned, “(Laughs) I haven’t lost my cool with Muskaan as she is a non-dancer and I need to be patient with her. We do get irritated when we work so hard and things don’t fall in place. Dancing requires a lot of physical strength and you tend to get tired after some time. I don’t want my partner to get tired. I want her to do smart work rather than too much work. I want her to remain focused which will eventually lead to better results in less time.” (Also Read: Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya Made Surprising Revelation About Cooking For Her Husband, Vivek Dahiya)

Faisal and Muskaan Nach Baliye

Faisal Khan was playing the lead in Sony TV’s Chandragupta Maurya. Speaking of how he takes out time for his TV show and reality show, Faisal had said, “I shoot for about 12-13 hours and sometimes even more. And then I also go for rehearsals. I sleep for four hours a day because once you are in it, there is no turning back. I get my inspiration from Shah Rukh sir as he also sleeps for just four hours and works rest of the time.”

Faisal and Muskaan

Guys, don’t you think Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria had the potential to appear in the top 3 jodis in Nach Baliye? Let us know!

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