8 Fabulous Turban Or Pagdi Styles That Will Make The Groom Look Dashing On His Wedding Day


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8 Fabulous Turban Or Pagdi Styles That Will Make The Groom Look Dashing On His Wedding Day

The turban or the pagdi of the groom is one of the most integral parts of his ensemble. It is made of a single piece of cloth and bejewelled with different ornaments. Wearing a turban on the wedding day is a tradition and signifies the groom's respect. Here we have various styles of turbans that you can wear on your wedding day.

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#1. Rajasthani

Rajasthani pagdis are full of heavy embellishments and are very artistic. It is made by twisting the safa and can be very elaborate. Depending upon the attire, grooms can choose the size and the ornaments for the turban accordingly.

#2. Tissue

Tissue pagdis are very in and very chic. They look modern as well as traditional at the same time. They are lightweight and comfortable. These are the best bet for any groom who does not want an over-the-top turban. This stuff just blends with the entire attire.

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#3. Banarasi

Banarasi turbans are very stylish. They have twistings on one side and layering on the other. The overlapping on the front of the turban is what makes this style stand out. Even the modern grooms who prefer suits over traditional wear for their wedding will love it. It is generally worn without a tail, but it can be customised as per preference.

#4. Marwari

Marwari pagdis are very colourful. Instead of accessorising them, grooms generally prefer to make this turban with clothes that have different patterns on them. The use of bandhej is the most common in this style. If your wedding dress is plain, you can wear a Marwari turban to add some colours to it.

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#5. Mewari

Image Courtesy: Kaun Banega Crorepati

A Mewari pagdi is a very small kind of turban, which has no tail. It looks more like a beanie and looks very fashionable on tall grooms. Instead of the usual twistings, this turban has many thin layers that are made meticulously. The grooms have ample choice to accessorise them.

#6. Peshwa

Image Courtesy: Bajirao Mastani

After the success of Bajirao Mastani, the Peshwa topis are gaining popularity. Grooms are taking inspiration from Ranveer Singh's outfits and wearing a similar headgear on their wedding day. This style works best only if you wear an equally regal attire.

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#7. Jodhpuri

Jodhpuri turban is just like a basic turban but with a steeper incline on the top. It looks great with a sherwani. It is also a cheat code for the grooms with shorter heights to look taller. If girls can wear heels to look taller, grooms can don a Jodhpuri turban for the same reason!

#8. Royal

The royal turbans are usually distinguished from other turbans in accordance with their long tails. They look amazing with Jodhpuri pants and bandhgala. You can never go wrong with this style.

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A groom is supposed to look like a prince on the D-day and turbans are really essential for that. So, grooms must be careful about choosing the style of their turbans. This list will make it easier for you to look like royalty on your big day.