Expert Tips To Protect Your Lingerie While Travelling

Expert Tips To Protect Your Lingerie While Travelling

So, you just got married in a fairytale ceremony. After enjoying all the merrymaking and parties, you are all set to enjoy your most romantic trip so far- your honeymoon! Of course, you have prepared and planned for your honeymoon, keeping every detail in mind, especially packing your sexy, lacy, delicate lingerie in your bag. But, there is an unwanted surprise (rather a shock!) awaiting for you once you unpack. Read to know what that is and how you can avoid it.

Lingerie disasters on the honeymoon!

Things obviously get steamy once you reach your dream destination. This is when you decide it is time to pull out the precious lacys you have saved for this your sexy lingerie but to your surprise… they are all ruined. Deformed cups, stretched-out laces and wrinkles- a total nightmare! “Why did this have to happen on this important trip?” you wonder. But the reason is simple- you carelessly dumped your delicates under all your outfits and the rest of the stuff, with an intention to keep it all “safe”.

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Here's is what happened...

Relax! This can happen with anybody, and this is no reason to spoil your mood during a trip that is supposed to be so romantic. Many women end up spoiling their favourite bras while travelling or even storing. Friction can cause the delicate laces to wear off, if not at once, then over a few days. Of course, weight and pressure can also cause a serious damage to the delicate garments, especially the underwire and cups, during travel. So then, you can either forget the huge amounts you spent on them, or read below to know what you can do.

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Is there a solution?

Fortunately, yes! It is called brassier cases. These cases are like small suitcases for your lingerie. They are usually moulded out of strong PVC material, with a soft inner lining, that prevents your lingerie from any harm. Brassier cases are extremely convenient to keep your expensive lingerie while travelling or even for storing. These help ensure that your bra cups, pads, underwires, and other detailing stay in perfect shape and a good condition. But the best part about these cases is that they can hold not one, but 7-10 bras! All you have to do is stack them on top of each other while storing them to use the space in the best possible way. Many of them also have an extra compartment to keep your knickers in.

Protective brassier cases to pack your lingerie in

What’s more? They come in all cute patterns and colours. From cute and girlie polka dots to bold and seductive animal prints, and from simple monotones to delicate patterns and frills, you will find one to suit your personality. These cases are available in lingerie stores and even online, for about Rs. 1,300 to Rs. 3,000.

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With the amount you spend on fancy lingerie, getting some brassier cases along with it would definitely be a smart investment, right?

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