Expert Tips For Brides To Get Beautiful Nail Extensions For Their Special Day


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Expert Tips For Brides To Get Beautiful Nail Extensions For Their Special Day

On your wedding day, it is not just your face that enjoys the limelight. Your hands get the attention too. Whether it is about adorning your palms with mehendi or flaunting those playful kaliras with beautiful bangles, your hands are constantly on display.

Apart from these traditional beautifications, your nails can also add oodles of beauty to your hands. Nails are the most humble yet powerful natural accessory that enhances the beauty of your hands. Never underestimate the power of healthy, strong and well-manicured nails. Although long and well-shaped nails symbolise beautiful hands, those with short nails need not lose heart. With stunning nail extensions and nail art, any bride can flaunt eye-catching long nails.

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Nail extension

Gone are the days when artificial nails were your only option to make them longer. So, ask your makeup artist about nail extensions. They are stronger than simple artificial nails. Nail extensions are made of a piece of plastic known as 'tip', which looks just like your natural nails. This tip is modified according to your requirements of shape and length. This is then very carefully placed on your nails. They are quite durable and easy to get. Nail extensions are done with gel and acrylic powder to add beauty, length and strength. These also fortify your nails and prevent them from chipping.

Add some drama!

From celebs to socialites, nail art is everyone’s favourite. Bold and beautiful colours like red, green, golden, blue and purple are the ideal shades for a bride. To kick it a notch up, adorn them with Swarovski, glitter or flower motifs. You can also put copper leaf or golden balls to add extra bling for your D-day.

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Permanent nail art

Increase the glamour of your nail extension with permanent nail art. With coloured gels and powders, we can culture the nails, which works like permanent nail art. In the process, glitter, Swarovski, gems, etc., are also added to the design. These days, nail piercing is also in vogue. After piercing, you can hang some cute hearts or dolphins in your nails.

Leave your worries behind

Nail extensions are much stronger than artificial nails, so you need not worry about their durability. They do not require much care and last for good 2-3 months. So, relieve your mind of all those worries related to false nails.

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Here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Do not be rough or careless with your nail extensions and nail art. Even though they maybe durable, they still require a bit of care to look perfect on your big day.
  • Do not use nail extensions or fake nails on un-shapely nails. Always go for a fresh manicure, before you apply your nail art extension. This will add beauty to your hands.

  • For your nail extensions, use good quality products only. This will ensure the durability of the extensions.
  • You also have to be careful while taking them off. There is no need to brutally pull them out, as this can damage your nails. Be gentle with your nails and its extensions.

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So, what are you waiting for? Talk to your wedding makeup artist and get those glamouous nail extensions for your beautiful hands. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.