Dipika Kakar Shares Shoaib Ibrahim Inspired Her To Lose Weight For Her Upcoming Serial

Dipika Kakar's upcoming serial, 'Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum' will star her opposite Karan Grover. 'Bigg Boss 12' winner shares how husband, Shoaib Ibrahim inspired her to lose weight for her role.


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Dipika Kakar Shares Shoaib Ibrahim Inspired Her To Lose Weight For Her Upcoming Serial

Sasural Simar Ka actress, Dipika Kakar has been riding high in her life these days. Recently, she won the 12th installment of the reality show, Bigg Boss and she shot to fame to another level with the same. Dipika Kakar got married to the love of her life, Shoaib Ibrahim on February 22, 2018, in a Muslim wedding setting and since then, they have become the 'IT' couple of the tellyland. (Suggested Read: Rishi Kapoor Confirms His Month Of Return After Battling Cancer, To Celebrate 67th Birthday In India)

Dipika Kakar is now all set to charm us all on the small screens as she will next be seen in the TV serial, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum. The serial is based on a love story of an actress and a doctor, and hence, speculations have been rife that it's based on Bollywood actress, Madhuri Dixit's love story who married a doctor from the US, Dr Nene.

Dipika Kakar has clarified the same and has revealed that Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is not based on Madhuri Dixit's life. She was quoted as saying to a media house, "No, there’s nothing like that, it’s all just rumors. It’s a coincidence that Madhuri Ma’am’s husband is also a doctor but the show has not been written keeping them in mind."

Madhuri Dixit and Dr Nene

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum will star Dipika Kakar opposite Karan Grover. Commenting if it's any problem romancing with him, she was quoted as saying, "Not really. When you are shooting a scene, things are very different. Karan, as an actor is very cooperative. We share similar work style. We are very committed towards our work and there was never an issue." (Must Read: Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa's First Picture Together From Their Mehendi Ceremony, Look Stunning)

Dipika Kakar also shared that her hubby Shoaib Ibrahim was the inspiration behind her losing weight for her role. She shared, "Shoaib, definitely! He has been on my head saying, ‘You have to lose weight for the role of Sonakshi’. You become so food-deprived in Bigg Boss house that you tend to eat a lot once you come out. He has motivated and pushed me to follow a diet and workout. That’s how I have lost weight and looking fresh. I am following the keto diet and it is very strict. Though there are a lot of options, you can only eat limited food."

Dipika Shoaib

Bollywood actor, Saif Ali Khan will have a guest appearance in the first episode of the serial. Dipika commented on the same and said, "I have been a religious follower of all his films. I have always loved his nok-jhok scenes. Hence, when I was informed that he is going to be the sutradhaar, I was super excited. His antics totally fit the theme."

Dipika Kakar Ibrahim and Shoaib Ibrahim

Coming back to Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim, it must be noted here that Dipika had changed her religion post her marriage with Shoaib. Sharing her thoughts on the same, she had told The Times of India once, “Joh sach hai woh hai (Truth is the truth). It's true I have done it, but why and when I have done it, don't think it needs to be talked about. I think it is a very personal matter and I don't think I need to talk about it openly in front of the media. For the audience and media, we are actors have always shared everything. All our happy moments we have shared with you all, but this I think is a very personal space and I don't give anyone the permission to enter the space. Definitely, it is true, and I am not denying it. I am very happy and proud that I have done it for myself and my happiness. My family was with me in this decision and my intentions were to hurt anyone. This is my decision.”

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim

Dipika Kakar had also shared in another interview about her and Shoaib's family planning. She was quoted as saying, “It is so funny this Mother's Day I wished so many ladies and at least 90% of them have replied, ‘Waiting for you to join (laughs).’ I was like, ‘Excuse me, I just got married.’ But seriously for family planning, there is time at least a year to go.” (You May Like: Malaika Arora Gets Brutally Trolled For Wearing 'Indecent' Dress On An Outing With Son, Arhaan Khan)

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim

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