Dimple Kapadia Recalls Son-In-Law, Akshay Kumar's Hilarious Prank On Her About Meeting Sonia Gandhi

Recently, an old interview of Dimple Kapadia resurfaced online, wherein she can be heard recalling a hilarious incident when her son-in-law, Akshay Kumar played a prank on her.


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Dimple Kapadia Recalls Son-In-Law, Akshay Kumar's Hilarious Prank On Her About Meeting Sonia Gandhi

Dimple Kapadia is a legendary actress of her time. Her gorgeousness has mesmerised her fans with not only her acting skills but also her ageless beauty. In her personal life, she was married to Bollywood actor, Rajesh Khanna. They tied the knot in March 1973 in a lavish affair. However, in 1984, they separated but never officially divorced.

Dimple Kapadia reveals the hilarious first meet with her late husband, Rajesh Khanna

A video from Dimple Kapadia's candid conversation with the FICCI Flo Jaipur chapter recently surfaced on the internet. In the video, she talked at length about the important people in her life. At the beginning of the video, she was heard talking about her first meet with the legendary actor and her husband, Rajesh Khanna, and how they fell in love. She said:

"So, this was after I signed Bobby. We were going to Ahmedabad on a private flight. There was some function there, which he had to attend. And I, being a Gujarati girl, was also invited. So, we were sitting in the flight and I think, I was born a drama queen, you know. From childhood, I was very fond of dramas. So, he sat next to me and I was sitting next to him and looking at him and all. I mean, Rajesh Khanna, come on guys.  Give me a break. I mean, you know. So, I very cleverly, I told him... I said, 'There will be a lot of crowd, so you will hold my hand, right?' So he said, 'Yes, of course.' So I said, 'Forever?' And yeah, the rest is history."

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Dimple Kapadia calls her daughter, Twinkle Khanna a 'monster mother'

Following this, Dimple was asked if she would have to choose who is more motherly between her and her daughters, Twinkle and Rinkee, who would she choose. To this, Dimple mentioned that it was always Twinkle as she has always been a very good child. Moreover, the doting mommy shared how Twinkle became her strongest support after her separation from Rajesh and shared:

"She was a big bully. But she was an amazing child. I think, sever or eight when I got separated. And the kind of maturity and she was like only wanting to take care of me, to see if I am okay, if everything is alright with me and there are lots of things. But she was like my friend and then she turned into a monster mother. So, that's how she is today."


Dimple Kapadia talks about her son-in-law, Akshay Kumar's hilarious pranks on her

Afterwards, Dimple was asked to talk about her beautiful bond with her son-in-law, Akshay Kumar. To this, the doting mother-in-law instantly complimented him by saying how he is an amazing man. Although she had her reservations about her daughter, Twinkle, getting married to him, she always thanks God that the latter did this. Afterwards, talking about how Akshay is naughty to the hilt and keeps finding him to do certain things, Dimple shared a hilarious story.

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Dimple mentioned that once Akshay asked her to go with him to meet Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, and she couldn't deny his proposal. However, when she quizzed him about the itinerary, he didn't inform her about anything. Finally, on the day of their plan, Dimple found out there was a huge celebration for her 50th birthday at Akshay's home and was simply mesmerised by the same. Dimple narrated:

"Once, he (Akshay) tells me, he says, 'Mom, I have to go to Delhi to meet Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and I don't want to go alone. So, please come with me, mom, and all that.' And mom was very chuffed. Mom can't speak two words and he's taking mom along. Now, he has asked me, I can't say no. So then I said, 'What time are we going?' So he said, 'Mom, don't worry, I've got a private plane going and all that.' So I said okay, its fine. But if your plain leaves at 10o'clock, what time will it reach Delhi, 12 o'clock? So, Mrs. Gandhi is going to be wait for you till 12 o'clock?' He's saying, 'No, no, mom, there's a function there and all that.' Barhali comes to pick me up."

She continued:

"And I have got my shoes in my hand. And my nice saree draped and all, very ready to go. I will wear the shoes later, will keep them on plane. He says, 'Oh, I forgotten my wallet. So we go there. So he says, 'Why don't you meet the kids also? I'll just come.' So, I've come in and there's like, this huge party there for me, it was my 50th. And he pulls this off with me every time, he does this and he just loves to do this."


To watch the video, click here.

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