Dharmendra's 100-Acre Beautiful Farmhouse Is Situated In The Laps Of Lush Green Nature

Bollywood's veteran actor, Dharamendra's lush green farmhouse in the laps of Lonavala is a perfect place to find peace away from the world of glam and glitz. Hop on as we give you a tour of the same!


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Dharmendra's 100-Acre Beautiful Farmhouse Is Situated In The Laps Of Lush Green Nature

When we were young and silly, we all dreamt of owning a home. A place where we can spend our entire life, which depicts our style. After all, there is no place like home. It is where the entire family unites and spend all their happy moments. It takes years to build that dream home. And Bollywood's legend, Dharam Singh Deol, known to most of us as Dharmendra, has worked hard to build his empire away from the world of glam and glitz. (Recommend Read: The Only Time Dharmendra's Two Wives, Prakash Kaur And Hema Malini Posed Together, Rare Photo Inside)

We all know Dharmendra has had an illustrious career and his every film was a blockbuster hit. Despite attaining so much success, fame and name, Dharmendra is still rooted to his roots. And his 100-acre farmhouse in Lonavala perfectly shows off his love for nature. 

The legendary superstar, Dharmendra spends most of his time in his farmhouse, which is situated in the laps of nature. He often shares glimpses of the same on his Instagram handle. He has a beautiful sitting room, which is decorated keeping the traditional setup in mind. It has wooden furnishing with comfortable sofas. There is also ample space for walks, and it boasts seating for almost 25-30 people with a variety of wooden and white sofa setups. The beauty of the farmhouse is enhanced by using minimalistic chandeliers, which bring a warm vibe. (Also Read: Hema Malini Reveals Fourth-Time-'Nanu', Dharmendra's Reaction On Having Twin Granddaughters)

For those who don't know, Dharmendra's farmhouse also has a space for organic farming. We have often spotted him flaunting his homegrown food. We remember once he had shared a picture from his lush green farms, wherein he had shown a mango plant. We could see his child-like smile, which had instantly come on his face while posing with the mango plant.

Dharmendra's magnificent farmhouse, which has its own organic farm that resembles a mini-forest, also have a wide range of indoor plants. The actor is a fan of greenery and he is the proud owner of beautiful plants that add to the existing earthy vibes. It also has a beautiful artistic fountain. 

We remember once Dharmendra had shared a video from his farm, wherein he was chasing ducks. He had captioned the video as "Battkhon se chhed chhad........aap beti .... Aap se baant leeta hoon..... Rang ..waqt mein bhar leeta hoon...... love." 

Once in an interview with The Hindu, Dharmendra had talked about his love for owning properties. He had shared that he is a Jat and they love their land and their farms. The actor had shared that he had spent most of his time in his farmhouse at Lonavala. He had further added, "Organic farming is our focus and we grow rice. I also have some buffaloes there.” (Don't Miss: Hema Malini Opens Up On Her Marriage With Already Married, Dharmendra, Says, 'I Never Took Him Away')

Well, we love Dharmendra's lush green farmhouse! 

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