Designer Saree Draping Styles

Designer Saree Draping Styles

Nowadays,  fashion changes every two months. And Saree is the only garment in feminine apparels, which has stayed ‘In Fashion’ for over 5000 years. Are you wondering why? Probably because it’s the longest piece of unstitched garment which has an immense scope of experimentation - you cam come up with a fresh look every time.

Blouses have evolved too, and taken shapes of halters, backless, cholis, short collared shirts, bandh galas…back tie knots, and front tie knots, with long and short sleeves, puff sleeves, churidar sleeves, or even sleeves with drawstrings.

Designers have come up with the concept of an additional stole or a matching shawl with the saree, so as to give it a more formal look. Then there are jackets or capes (like that of Minister Jayalalitha) that can be worn on a saree. But usually these are meant for women at work who would prefer keeping the outfit conservative and in-place, rather than let it flow in the wind.

The read-to-wear, stitched sarees make life easy for those who find it cumbersome to wear and carry a saree without getting entangled in it. A stitched saree is also a perfect idea for westerners who are often intrigued by the demure floor length garment.

In a recent collection of Sarees, my attempt was to take this traditional drape to the realm of modern day sensibility. Through “Six Yards of Cocktail”- my cocktail saree collection, I wanted young women to go clubbing in a saree, dance the night away and feel totally at ease in this heritage dress style.

The collection was all about vibrant colours, young silhouettes and unconventional concepts like denim blouses, crinkled or kalidar pallus, asymmetrical hem lines - all for dressing young women in style with an attitude.

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