Deeya Chopra Mehta Announces Her Second Pregnancy, Shares An Adorable Glimpse Of 'Baby Mehta'

A little baby makes the entire family happy and the fun doubles up when the 'baby number two' is on its way. And television actress, Deeya Chopra is all set to embrace motherhood for the second time!


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Deeya Chopra Mehta Announces Her Second Pregnancy, Shares An Adorable Glimpse Of 'Baby Mehta'

Motherhood is the bumpiest ride in every woman's life for which no books can ever prepare us. On top of it, the arrival of a little baby keeps the entire family on their toes. From parents to uncle and aunts, everyone’s eyes are filled with lots of love and excitement. However, it is the mother, who goes through a volcano of emotions as she wants to give her child best from the very start. But the fun doubles up when she gets the news of another baby's arrival. And television actress, Deeya Chopra Mehta is feeling the same high as she is blessed with yet another little wonder. (Recommend Read: Deepika Padukone's Sweet Question At An Event About Her Hubby, Ranveer Singh Is Winning Hearts)

Before we take you further into the story, let us take a look at Deeya's journey. Deeya Chopra Mehta and her husband, Ritchie Mehta were blessed with their first child in April 2019, whom they had lovingly named, Evaan Mehta. After 40 days, the actress had first shared a picture of her little man and had captioned it as "40 days is all it’s been for me, 40 days with my new family. 40 days since I took my first breath, 40 days since my parents had any rest. 40 days may not seem long to you, but I gotta tell ya in 40 days how I grew. I’m a big boy now, I shout with glee until my shout reminds mummy my nappy is full of pee. So maybe I need to grow up a little bit more - I just can’t wait to see what the next 40 days have in store."

Today, on December 10, 2019, Deeya took to her Instagram handle and shared the announcement of her second baby. She posted a collage, and wrote, "Take a minute and look around you.. all that you see is it your creation or someone else's plan? Do you really decide the path you take or is it all predestined? - For me this year has been like a tv show unfolding .. one episode at a time each taking a new crazy turn and I'm about to get to the final- Baby Mehta #2 due April 2020 my miracle child! Couldn't have gotten through the last few months without my insanely amazing husband and family and friends- you know who you are and you're about to go through all my baby madness one more time hahaha hahaha! One year= 2 babies!"

Coming back to Deeya's magical love story, her husband, Ritchie had proposed to her in one of the most romantic ways. In a throwback interview with, Deeya’s sister, Roshini Chopra had opened up on her love story and had shared, “Ritchie is from London and proposed Deeya in Delhi today (10 April) in the most romantic way. He arranged for more than 500 white roses for her and also made a scrapbook of their moments so far. The family is delighted with the match and we are throwing a party this Wednesday (13 April) for close friends and family in Delhi as Ritchie's mother has come from England.” (Also Read: Asha Bhosle Shares Her Joy On The Return Of Her Sister, Lata Mangeshkar From Hospital After 28 Days)

In April 2016, Deeya had announced her engagement news with an adorable message. She had posted a picture from her engagement ceremony and had written, “Sunday can never be the same again! Thank you, RM for finding me and making my world complete! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! And to my amazing family for helping him actually manage to surprise curious little me! You guys are my pillars I love you! 10.04.2016 #hitchedtoritch." Later on November 26, 2016, Deeya and Ritchie had exchanged the wedding vows amidst close friends and family members.

On July 21, 2019, when Deeya's son, Evan had completed 100 days, she made sure to make it super special with an adorable note. She had blogged her motherhood journey from the start with a long note and it could be read as "Little man is 100 days old now!! Feels like the right time for a throwback to see how far we have come! This was us just moments before he was born.. happy, excited, nervous and completely unaware of how life was about to change! Swipe right and see what we looked like just a few days later when we were leaving for home with him! Lol! Its been an amazing time. discovering him.. discovering myself. Babies really do make you feel alive! A little bit of our learning since then."

She had further written, "1. You are not in control! Make lists, write schedules, birth plans and times and boom in just a moment you are overtaken by this force way greater than you so - Surrender ! Thats the only option really 2. It doesnt matter what type of birth you have- it only matters that baby and you are doing well! 3. All boundaries are crossed once the baby is here- I remember my dad saying he had never heard the word breast as often in 70 years as he did in just 3 days 4. Women are superhuman- they really can function on no sleep and still manage to grow a human, run a house and have a life! Wow, I have amazed even me! 5. You think you know love but every day you fall deeper.. and deeper." (Don't Miss: Parth Samthaan Pours Kisses To Niece, Rivah, Erica Jennifer Fernandes Too Joins In To Play With Her)

Well, we wish Deeya, a happiest second pregnancy! 

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