Debina Bonnerjee Shares Her Newborn Is Cranky, Reveals How She Breastfeeds Her Firstborn, Lianna

On December 7, 2022, Debina Bonnerjee opened up about her breastfeeding journey with both her daughters and asked the mommies out there if their breasted babies are cranky.


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Debina Bonnerjee Shares Her Newborn Is Cranky, Reveals How She Breastfeeds Her Firstborn, Lianna

Popular television actress, Debina Bonnerjee is currently busy performing her mommy duties with her two daughters, Lianna Choudhary and her 'miracle baby'. Throughout both of her pregnancies, the actress kept her fans updated with the struggles she faced to embrace motherhood. From failed IVF and IUI attempts to welcome Lianna to not being able to breastfeed her, Debina has always been vocal about everything.

Now that Debina Bonnerjee is breastfeeding her second daughter, she has noticed something unusual. For the unversed, she gave her first baby, Lianna top feed and formula only. On December 7, 2022, Debina hosted a Q and A session on her IG handle. The second time mommy asked her fans if breastfed babies are cranky as her second daughter has become very moody. She penned:

"Can anyone tell me.... Are breastfed babies more moody/cranky?"

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To Debina's surprise, she found out that all the new mommies are in the same boat as her. The actress felt relieved knowing that all the mommies agreed to the fact that breastfed kids are moody. Meanwhile, when a mommy mentioned that mothers pass emotions to their babies through their milk, Debina gave a hilarious reply. She wrote:

"M I moody? I thought I can pass off as an epitome of patience right now."

During the session, one of her fans asked Debina if she breastfeeds her firstborn, Lianna as well since she has always been on formula feed. To this, the doting mommy revealed that she feeds her milk to Lianna by extracting it into a bottle as the latter has four teeth now. She penned:

"I do... extracted into a bottle. She has got 4 teeth now."

In one of her Vlogs, Debina Bonnerjee had talked about managing two toddlers simultaneously and revealed that it is an extremely difficult task for her. She shared that she is unable to sleep at night because she breastfeeds her second daughter. Debina also mentioned that her miracle baby came after a lot of struggle, but she didn't spare any expense. Taking a dig at the penance to welcome Lianna into this world, Debina mentioned that her second daughter came on her own like a miracle and started drinking her milk. However, Debina mentioned that she's super lucky to be a proud mommy to her two daughters.

We are impressed with the way Debina Bonnerjee is acing her mommy duties!

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