David Dhawan Reacts On Rumors Of Son, Varun Dhawan And Natasha Dalal's 2020 Wedding In Goa

David Dhawan reacts on the latest rumours of his son, Varun Dhawan tying the knot with Natasha Dalal in Goa in 2020. Here's what he says.


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David Dhawan Reacts On Rumors Of Son, Varun Dhawan And Natasha Dalal's 2020 Wedding In Goa

If there is one couple from the Bollywood industry whose wedding news has been doing the rounds for the longest time on the internet then it’s none other than, Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal. The couple has known each other since childhood and ever since their pictures and videos started surfacing on the internet from their secret dinner dates and parties, fans have been eagerly waiting for Varun and Natasha to take the next big step. (Recommended Read: Sunny Leone Shares A Monochrome Picture Of Herself Snuggling Her Daughter, Nisha Kaur Weber)

Now almost everyone knows about the relationship of Varun and Natasha and the fact that they're planning to get marry soon. There’s no doubt in the fact that both Varun and Natasha are extremely serious about taking their relationship to the next level of marriage. Also, Varun had fully acknowledged his relationship with Natasha and has also discussed it openly in a lot of interviews. In a report in BollywoodLife, Varun had said, “Where I and Natasha are concerned, I think, eventually, after we get married, we are together all that stuff, she has to, she has her individuality.” No wonder, Varun wants Natasha to have her own identity in public after the two join their names once and forever with the rituals of marriage.

Natasha Dalal Varun Dhawan

However, we still don’t have a confirmed date about the couple’s marriage in front of us. The latest rumour about their marriage that is floating everywhere on the internet is that Varun and Natasha are going to tie the knot in Goa this summer. Well, don’t raise your excitement just yet because here’s something from the side of Varun’s father, David Dhawan that you need to read. Recently, in an interview with IMWBuzz portal, David Dhawan talked about the rumours and said “Not again. How many dates and venues will I hear for my son’s wedding? Every week I am told where and when Varun is getting married. They know it better than me.” David Dhawan then throws light on the Goa rumour and further said “No, this latest date and venue are not true at all. You and I have been friends for years. When Varun gets married, I will personally call you up. Don’t believe what you read. My wife and I will be happy, whenever it happens.” (Also Read: Kangana Ranaut Attends Her Cousin's Engagement In Himachal, Look Surreal In Ethnic Attire)

David Dhawan Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal

Well, here we are again on the same page with no correct date about our beloved couple’s D-day. This is not the first time when David Dhawan had smashed the rumours of his son’s marriage. However, only Varun and Natasha can confirm the details of their wedding. The Coolie No 1 actor, has expressed his love for Natasha time and time again in various interviews. For instance, in an interview with BollywoodLife, the actor was asked about the reason why he is in love with Natasha. And the answer that Varun came up with is going to melt any girl’s heart, as he said “I'm with her because she has her individuality, she has her voice which is super strong with things she wants to do and things she wants to achieve in life. And, as her partner, that is something I want to support, you know. And, she has been so supportive where my career is concerned, always, from day one.”

Natasha Dalal Varun Dhawan

The reason why Varun and Natasha have such a strong bond goes to the fact that they’re with each other since the school days and knows each other soo deeply. In an interview with Hello India magazine, Natasha had talked about her relationship with Varun. She had stated, “Varun and I were in school together. We stayed friends until we were in our mid-20s and then, I remember, we started dating just before I moved away. It was around then that, I think, we realised we were more than just good friends.” There's no denying the truth that both Varun and Natasha are deeply in love with each other and we hope the couple soon announce the date of their marriage for which we all are waiting for. (Don't Miss: Amy Jackson Shares A Heartfelt Birthday Wish For Andreas As He Turns 4 Months, Duo Twins In White)

Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal

Guess, we will have to wait for some more time to see Natasha and Varun as bride and groom!

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