Chunky Panday Jokes About Daughter, Ananya's Cooking, Recalls When His Wife Fed Him Raw Chicken

Bollywood actor, Chunky Panday recently appeared on the show, 'Star vs Food' in which he reviewed two delicacies made by his daughter, Ananya Panday and joked about her cooking skills. Details inside!


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Chunky Panday Jokes About Daughter, Ananya's Cooking, Recalls When His Wife Fed Him Raw Chicken

Popular actor, Chunky Panday never fails to make people laugh their hearts out with his comic roles in movies and amusing real-life revelations on different reality shows. Recently, during his visit to a celebrity cooking show, Chunky reviewed his daughter, Ananya Panday's dishes. The doting father also recalled a hilarious incident about his wife, Bhavana Panday's cooking skills. The doting father also teased his wife for feeding him raw chicken as he unfolded a cute but funny story from their memory lane.

For the unversed, on January 17, 1998, Chunky Panday and Bhavana Panday had tied the knot with each other. While the actor was struggling to make his name in the world of glam and glitz, Bhavana was busy creating a beautiful home for him and their daughters, Ananya and Rysa.

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In the recent episode of DiscoveryPlus show, Star vs Food, Chunky Panday made an appearance with his daughter, Ananya Panday and his wife, Bhavana Panday. During the course of the show, Ananya cooked two dishes, and after tasting each, her father, Chunky, teased her by joking that "See Ananya, I won't blame you if you've gone slightly wrong, because it's a hereditary problem. No one in the family knows how to cook, especially on your mother's side."

Chunky Panday, Bhavana Pandey and Ananya Panday

Going further in his statement, Chunky Panday added that both his wife and daughter haven't cooked anything in their lives other than cooking good stories. He said, "She and her mother have never cooked anything for me. But she has cooked up some nice stories and told me, but never food." However, when someone asked the reason behind his revelations, Chunky quickly started unfolding a hilarious incident from the time when his then to-be-in-laws invited him for dinner.

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chunky panday bhavana

In Chunky Panday's words, "Let me tell you, when we were getting married… Bhavana is a 'dilliwali' and I was invited to their house for dinner. Beautiful butter chicken, Chinese and everything was served… And I 'dabaoed' and ate and then Bhavana's mom, nani tells me, 'Bhavana ne sab kuch banaya hai'." However, Chunky's wife, Bhavana Panday, interrupted him saying, "What rubbish, she never said that".

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The reason why Bhavana Panday stopped her husband, Chunky Panday, from revealing the second half of the story goes to the cute fact that the latter prepared nothing and all the delicacies were from different restaurants. Revealing the same, Chunky retorted, "Don't lie. And then I went to the kitchen to check, and all these 'dabbas' from different restaurants… I swear, I said 'yes' immediately. Then, on the third day after our wedding, the cook had run away. And I told Bhavana, 'Why don't you cook?' She made butter chicken and it was raw."

Chunky Panday bhavana

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Earlier this year, Chunky Panday and Bhavana Panday celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary on January 17, 2021.

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