Chhavi Mittal Reveals How She Manages To Spend 'Me' Time Amidst Work Schedule And Two Babies At Home

Chhavi Mittal posted a smiling picture of herself on Instagram and talks about how a newbie mother gets busy taking care of the little one in her house that she forgets about her 'me' time.


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Chhavi Mittal Reveals How She Manages To Spend 'Me' Time Amidst Work Schedule And Two Babies At Home

Amidst the hustle-bustle of bringing your newborn child home, taking care of the little one and adjusting with the new schedule with baby around, a newbie mommy often tends to forget taking care of the other most important person in the home– you! With so much going around, a newbie mommy would often find herself in stress or panic mode. And all she needs is just some ‘me’ time, a cup of coffee and something that she loves to do, be it reading a book, listening to music or pampering herself. The newbie mommy and S.I.T. co-founder, Chhavi Mittal vouches for the same! (Also Read: Kunal Kemmu Holds Inaaya Naumi Kemmu In His Arms, Taimur Ali Khan Feels Possessive And Holds His Leg)

Shitty Ideas Trending co-founders, Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein had completed their family on May 13, 2019, with the arrival of their second born, a baby boy whom they adorably named Arham Hussein. Chhavi had penned down her entire pregnancy blog on Instagram, sharing experiences and tips for the soon-to-be mommies and had inspired newbie mommies with her encouraging post-pregnancy blogs. And July 25, 2019, is no different!

Chhavi Mittal and Arham Hussein

A while back, Chhavi Mittal posted a smiling picture of herself on Instagram, flaunting a black floral dress. Chhavi captioned her post about how a newbie mother gets busy taking care of the little one in the house that she forgets about her ‘me’ time. Chhavi wrote, “A mother. She does so many things all at once. She manages the house, feeds her babies, takes care of them, bathes them, attends to their tantrums, plays with them, teaches them, also manages her own work, her husband's needs and in many cases her in-laws' or her parents' needs as well. But one more thing which is equally important for her own sanity is spending time with herself. Me-time. What is it that you like to do and cannot find time for?”

Chhavi Mittal

Revealing how she is amused to see her hubby, Mohit Hussein’s reaction when he enters the home after work and find her enjoying her ‘me’ time, Chhavi continued, “Well, when I get really overwhelmed with all that I manage and need a break but can't step out, I do really simple things like ... I put on some music and do my hair! It takes me 15 min and makes me look and feel great! Or I put some bright lipstick on. Sometimes I just wear a pretty dress. Trust me, these are simple things, but such mood uplifters! Not to mention, it's amusing to see @mohithussein 's reaction when he walks in in the evening to find me feeding or massaging @arhamhussein wearing red lipstick! #fun #chhavimittal #metime #funactivity #funthingstodo #mother #newmom #babies #infant #infants #happiness”. (Also Read: Mahhi Vij Reveals Due Month In An 'Ask Me Anything' Instagram Session, Shares Her Pregnancy Cravings)

Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein

A few days back, Mohit Hussein gave a glimpse of their two little munchkins, Areeza Hussein and Arham Hussein, enjoying quality time with their grandparents. Posting a picture with Arham cuddled in his grandfather’s arms and Areeza hugging him from the back and their grandmother smiling for the camera, Mohit had captioned his post as, “The joy grandchildren bring to grandparents is beyond comprehension and the love grandchildren receive from them is beyond measure. My parents with my kids together in one frame is just picture perfect. Gratitude to the universe for bringing these souls together as the bond they share is unique. #respect #gratitude #Areeza #BabyArham @arhamhussein #mohithussein #grandparents #grandchildren #bond #unique #pictureperfect #familyfirst #myuniverse #momdad #parents”.

Areeza Hussein and Arham Hussein

Describing how kids can light up the mornings for parents despite keeping them on toes all night, Mohit Hussein had expressed in his another post, “One significant similarity amongst babies all across the globe is that they have the super power to light up your mornings. Even if they have kept you on your toes through the night after a hard days work it still works. They will light up your mornings no matter what. #gratitude #mornings #morningsbelike #BabyArham #fatherson #fatherhood #myson #mymoon #tinytots #littlefingers #future #sweetnessoverloaded #lightmyworld”.

Arham Hussein

After more than two months of delivering her second child, Chhavi Mittal had resumed her workout sessions as she got a heads-up from her doctor. Sharing the same on Instagram, Chhavi had written, “I couldn't wipe this big smile off my face all of Saturday! My final visit with the doc who told me the magical words I had been dying to hear. "I don't want to see you again, you're perfectly fine, stitches have healed and now you can workout!" I am so thrilled! 10 weeks post partum and it feels like years away from the gym. I started with swimming, and although I had decided to start slow, I swam non-stop for 45 minutes straight! Can't even begin to put into words how fulfilling it felt! Liberating! And it felt great to know that my stamina is not so bad considering. Tough part was running and weights. Couldn't run for more than a minute at a stretch :( bummer... And on leg day, I couldn't even climb 4 steps back to the lift! But all fitness freaks will agree with me when I say, nothing ever makes you feel more alive when you feel dead after an exhausting workout! Thank you @mohithussein for doing baby duty even after spending quality sleepless nights with me, just so I can do what I absolutely love! #workout #metime #chhavimittal #postpartumworkout #gym #gymfreak #health #healthandfitness #fitness #gymming #workingout #lovewhatido”. (Also Read: Juhi Parmar's Daughter, Samairra's Extraordinary Gesture At A Party Made Her Mommy Super-Proud)

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi, thank you for encouraging and helping millions of women out there with your posts. You are truly an inspiration!

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