7 Days Skin And Body Care Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen For Soon-To-Be-Brides

7 Days Skin And Body Care Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen For Soon-To-Be-Brides

As the D-day approaches, a series of things start screaming for a bride’s attention. From last minute shopping to crucial trousseau fixes, the list seems to get never-ending. And, often this rush and chaos forces a bride’s skin care regime to take a back seat.

So, here is a 7-day skin and body care regimen that will give all soon-to-be brides, a complexion that is nothing less than perfect.

Day 1 - Full body massage and body bleach

body massage

Ditch the last minute rush and add body bleach to your 7 days plan. Body bleach requires a good amount of time, so getting it done a few days before the wedding is a good idea. Soothe your pre-wedding jitters with an uplifting body massage.

A massage is an excellent way to fight stress and mood swings that most brides experience during pre-wedding preparations.

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Day 2 - Time for full body scrub

Pre-Wedding Beauty

Take some time off your wedding shopping hullabaloo and hectic pre-wedding schedule to pamper yourself. Scrub your way to silky and smooth skin with an invigorating body scrub. The exfoliation process will work on the nasty dry and flaky skin, and thus, preparing your skin for the next step, a skin-nourishing body wrap.

The body wrap takes care of the skin hydration and deeply conditions the skin, giving it a perfect shine. In order to perfectly round up the rejuvenating session, don't forget to add a nice head massage.

If you don't have time to get to a parlour, you can try these 7 DIY body bbath scrubs that will give you smooth skin in no time.

Day 3 - Full body wax and hair colour for a refreshing makeover

body waxing

Begin your beauty routine with full body wax. Besides making your skin ultra soft and smooth, waxing also helps in rejuvenating the skin. Once you are done with full body waxing, move over to your hair. Because even your hair needs proper attention.

A flattering hair colour can do wonders to your hair and change your look. Hair colour accentuates the eyes and perks up the skin tone, besides making you look like a glam doll on your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Beauty

Go for a hue that is within two shades (lighter or darker) of your natural hair colour. It will also ensure that the colour settles down well before the D-day, giving your hair a natural and refreshing makeover.

If you don’t wish to go with a full head colour, a few highlights or lowlights will add vivacity to your hair. A hint of red hue on the hair tips is the latest trend in vogue this season.

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Day 4 - Hair spa, gold facial and upper lip

Hair spa

Body wax = check, body massage = check, head massage = check, the next thing you as a bride-to-be should focus on is nurturing and moisturising those lovely locks. Fix an appointment and get set for an refreshing, de-stressing and energising hair spa.

A hair spa not only deep conditions your hair but also adds a healthy sheen and lustre to your hair.

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gold facial

After the heavenly hair spa, go for a facial bleach which will enhance the natural glow. Follow it up with a skin-illuminating facial (like a gold facial), that will deeply moisturise the skin, and make it shine naturally. Also, get your upper lips and eyebrows done to give an ideal finish to your day full of pampering.

Day 5 - Pedicure and manicure session

Pre-Wedding Beauty

With just two more days for the big day, treat yourself with another pampering session of aromatherapy body massage. It not only soothes your muscles but also helps in de-stressing your mind (which has been thinking a lot lately).

Once you are done enjoying the revitalizing experience, get set to indulge in manicure and pedicure. After all, your hands and feet deserve some pampering too. Be it your mehendi night or big day, they will be in focus too.

Since your feet are going to be doing the running around, for the remaining two days, follow these 10 home care tips to get naturally pretty feet.

Day 6 - Doll up your nails with trendy nail art

nail art for brides

It is the day of shagan (engagement ceremony) and so you want your pretty hands to do all the talking. Since your hands will be drawing a lot of attention (we mean while exchanging rings), you can flaunt some trendy nail art designs that will match your outfit.

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Day 7 - Just sit back and watch yourself transofrm into an ethereal bride like Mihika Verma

Mihika Verma wedding

The day of your dreams have come. Give your bridal journey a head start with a refreshing hair wash, sit back and enjoy your bridal makeup.

Remember to follow these bridal beauty essentials before the wedding because you want to look like the best bride, right?

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