14 Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended In Shocking Divorce


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14 Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended In Shocking Divorce

Bollywood weddings are not just about couples maintaining their washboard abs, toned bodies, or liking for each other throughout the time span that they spend together. Love and loyalty are the inevitable traits that hold a marriage together. When you fall in love, you vow to keep the fondness and warmth for each other all life long, such is the sanctity of love marriage. And, when celebrities get hitched, it all plays out like a fairytale romance in the minds of their fans.

However, this picture-perfect disposition can be a myth as well. Blame the dark side of glamour, ever prying tabloid glare or the realisation that Cupid can indeed strike twice (or even more times for some), but the fact remains that matches made in heaven do end up midway on earth. So, here we bring to you a few Bollywood love marriages that shockingly ended in divorce; and a some that are headed in that very direction.

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#1. Malaika Arora- Arbaaz Khan

Malaika Arora and Arbaz Khan

After sharing 18 years of beautiful memories (technically it is 22 years which includes their dating period), Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan called it quits in 2016 and their divorce came through in May 2017. It was a mutual decision and the custody of their son is with Malaika, and Arbaaz has the rights to visit him anytime. Despite separating legally, the two are very cordial and are often seen dining and vacationing together. They have always maintained that they are a part of each other’s life. After the separation, Arbaaz is reportedly in a relationship and might be tying the knot soon (read here).

#2. Farhan Akhtar-Adhuna Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani

Actor-director-singer, Farhan Akhtar who is known for doing path-breaking movies like, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara has finally called it quits with his wife of 15 years, Adhuna Akhtar. Adhuna is herself a celebrated hairstylist and the couple has two daughters, Shakya and Akira.

Farhan Akhtar and Ashuna Bhabani

The news of their separation took everyone by surprise. However, there had been rumours about trouble brewing in the couple's marriage for quite some time. The Akhtars issued a joint statement announcing their separation in January 2016 and requested the media to give them their privacy and keep their children out of it. The couple’s divorce came through in 2017.

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#3. Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne Khan

Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan / Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Hrithik and Sussanne have always been one of the most adored couples in Bollywood, and have always exhibited the ‘perfectly in love’ guise. So, the official news of their split came as a huge shock to their fans, well-wishers and even loved ones. Hrithik and Sussanne had been married for 14 years, and courted each other for around 4 years before tying the knot. On November 1, 2014, Hrithik and Sussanne were finally granted the divorce by the Bandra family court.

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#4. Anurag Kashyap-Kalki Kochelin

Anurag Kashap and Kalki Koechlin

The couple parted ways and started living separately for more than a year, but only recently the two were granted a divorce. They fell in love while working on movie Dev D in 2009, and tied the knot in 2011. Kalki confirmed the news of their separation while giving an interview to the Times of India, saying:

"I was not sure where my relationship with Anurag was going. All of it was unclear. Now, we are pretty clear that we are not going to be together. We have already applied for divorce and will get it soon."

The couple was granted a divorce by a family court in Mumbai, on May 19, 2015. Anurag is reportedly seeing a 23-year-old woman (read more).

#5. Karan Singh Grover-Jennifer Winget

Karan singh grover and jennifer winget

They were one of the most loved pairs of the small screen, both on- and off-screen. And now, they have legally separated. Actor Karan Singh Grover took to Twitter, to reveal the news of his impending divorce. Here is what he tweeted:

"For all those who are concerned, you might have heard that Jennifer and I have separated and will soon be getting divorced. I just wanted to confirm that it's true. The decision has been mutually agreed upon and the reasons are too personal to share...."

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

After the separation, Karan was rumoured to be dating his Alone co-star Bipasha Basu, who he eventually married on April 30, 2016. Many speculated the marriage won't last long but looking at Bipasha and Karan, this doesn't stand a chance. Before Jennifer, Karan was married to actress Shraddha Nigam for about a year, before the two got divorced in 2009.

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#6. Pooja Bhatt-Manish Makhija

Pooja Bhatt and Manish Makhija

Another one of love relationships that hit a 'confirmed' rough patch is of Pooja Bhatt and Manish Makhija’s. Pooja and Manish got married in 2003. The bubbly actress and the gutsy director, Pooja Bhatt went on expressing the real reason behind her broken marriage on Twitter:

“To all those who care and especially those that do not my husband Munna, and I have decided to part ways after 11 glorious years of marriage. Our split as some might call it, is amicable and we hold each other in the highest esteem for now and forever.”

Pooja Bhatt and Manish Makhija

Pooja Bhatt, who is much-loved for her performances in movies like Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi, Daddy, Sadak, and Sir, further added,

"The reason I explain is because we are both part of the public domain. Our friends, well-wishers and foes are free to now speculate. I choose to live life on my terms and refuse to perform in the gallery. Certificates do not make or break marriages and relationships! Life does!”

#7. Manisha Koirala-Samrat Dahal

Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal

The news about the couple getting married was a rather surprising one, as no one had the wind of their relationship. Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala who chose to remain single for too long, finally decided to settle in holy matrimony with beau Samrat Dahal. Couple's wedding ceremonies lasted for three days starting from June 19, until June 21, 2010. The Nepalese beauty apparently was going through a rough patch in her marriage, which she made evident through her posts on her social media networking account. In one of her Facebook posts, she mentioned:

"My husband has become my enemy. How much worst can it become for women?"

Their marriage ended up with a divorce in 2012. In an interview, Manisha accepted that she was the one to be blamed for her brief marriage with Samrat. She acknowledged the fact that her definition of marriage was rather a dreamy one, which was one of the reasons that led to the split (read here).

#8. Karisma Kapoor-Sanjay Kapur

Karisma Kapoor and Sunjay Kapur

After a lot of speculations of 'will they or will they not', they finally have! Yes, Karisma Kapoor and Sunjay Kapur have signed the divorce papers. What comes as a surprise is that this love marriage, had to what is being called, ‘the ugliest’ ending! It has been reported,

"Karisma and Sunjay started hurling accusations at each other from the word go, since the time the divorce proceedings started."

Karisma Kapoor and Sunjay Kapur

As the matters went from being bad to worse, it was Karisma’s brother-in-law, Saif Ali Khan, accompanied by Kareena Kapoor, who took the charge and played a mediator between the two.

As reported,

"He (Saif) told Sunjay and Lolo (Karisma) that there was no point in dragging the fight, and they need to move on with their lives. He categorically told them to ease their tempers, as anger would not help the process. He spoke to them about the similar situation (with his ex-wife Amrita Singh) that he had gone through."

While Sanjay moved on in life and married Priya Chatwal (this is his third marriage) and Karisma, on the other hand, is rumoured to be dating Sandeep Toshnival.

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#9. Saif Ali Khan-Amrita Singh

saif ali khan and amrita singh / Twitter

It was obvious for Saif Ali Khan to understand the pain of a broken marriage, as he too went down the same path himself. He and Amrita Singh’s whirlwind romance was not hidden from the Bollywood industry, and even their fans. Their love story was filled with a lot of differences, from religious to that of the age gap.

Amrita singh and saif ali khan

Amrita was 12 years older than Saif. Even though the two got married, even after the disapproval from Saif’s parents, their relationship was not strong enough to keep the two lovers together for life. Well, 13 years and two children later, Saif and Amrita had a highly-publicised divorce.

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#10. Chitrangada Singh-Jyoti Randhawa

Chitrangada Singh and Jyoti Randhawa

Latest B-town couple, to move way past the separation phase is, Chitrangada Singh, and her golfer husband, Jyoti Randhawa. The couple, who had been married for 13 years, filed for divorce following marital discords. The divorce was granted in Chitrangada has been given the custody of their son, Zorawar.

The couple had a love marriage, and during the happier times, the actress has been quoted saying:

“I have been madly and insanely in love only once. I married him. I keep having little crushes from time-to-time, but Jyoti is my soul mate.”

Then, how the problems started brewing, is something that the couple has chosen to keep under wraps.

#11. Aamir Khan-Reena Dutta

Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta

Aamir and Reena tied the knot in 1986, and were married for 15 long years before they decided to call it quits. The reason behind the split is not known, though many speculate it might have been Aamir’s alleged closeness to some of his female co-stars, specifically Kiran Rao. In 2002, the couple filed for mutual divorce, citing their ‘temperamental differences’ as the reason.

Many believe that it was perhaps Aamir’s relationship with Kiran Rao that caused the couple’s split. Aamir married Kiran in 2005. Despite the divorce, Aamir and Reena continue to be good friends. They have two children together– Ira and Junaid.

#12. Sanjay Dutt-Rhea Pillai

Sanjay Dutt and Rhea Pillai

Rhea Pillai and Sanjay Dutt got married on February 14, 1999. Sanjay was earlier married to actress Richa Sharma, who separated from him after the birth of their daughter Trishala and subsequently passed away due to cancer.

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Rhea stood by Sanjay during the most trying period of his life (Bombay Blast case). However, their relationship did not last long, apparently because of Dutt's Casanova ways. It is also said that Sanjay’s busy work schedule and Rhea’s closeness to tennis star Leander Peas caused their split.

#13. Kamal Hasan-Sarika

Kamal Hasan and Sarika Youtube

Image Courtesy: Youtube

Kamal Hasan and Sarika stunned the country by living together without marriage way back in the 1980s. Both their daughters, Shruti and Akshara, were born out of wedlock. The lovers married after they had their second child, and parted ways in 2004. Kamal Hasan, then went for a live-in relationship with Gouthami, a renowned South Indian star. The actor says that he believes in love, but not in the institution of marriage. Unfortunately, after 13 years of live-in, Kamal and Gouthami parted ways (read more). Before marrying Sarika, Kamal married renowned dancer Vani Ganpathy in 1978 and the couple divorced 10 years later.

#14. Kishore Kumar-Yogita Bali

Kishore Kumar and Yogeeta Bali / IndiaTV News

Image Courtesy: India TV

Kishore Kumar found love for the third time in actress Yogita Bali. Before Yogita, the ace singer-actor tested his martial compatibility with Ruma Guha Thakurta and actress, Madhubala. He married Yogita in 1976. However, this marriage lasted for a short span of two years only. It is said that Yogita fell in love with Mithun Chakraborty. In 1979, she married Mithun, and in 1980, Kishore da married Leena Chandavarkar.

Well, as they say, some good things do come to an end, and these Bollywood celeb couples and their unfortunate love stories are proof!