Birthday Girl Nushrat Bharucha Admits Her Father Cried After Knowing About Her Fight With Depression

'Dream Girl' actress, Nushrat Bharucha talked about her father's reaction after knowing that she's fighting with depression and anxiety. Find out!


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Birthday Girl Nushrat Bharucha Admits Her Father Cried After Knowing About Her Fight With Depression

Every person on this planet faces some traumatic and unbearable moments in their lives at least once that changes them either for the good or bad forever. We have already heard a lot of stories of celebrities fighting with depression and anxiety issues despite having a huge fanbase out there. That makes it crystal clear that money and stardom will never be able to make you feel happy all the time. However, life is all about moving forward without carrying the burden of those painful memories on your back. One such person, who fought with depression and anxiety issues and came out of it with a bright smile is one of the most dynamic and energetic actresses of Bollywood, Nushrat Bharucha. (Recommended Read: Smriti Khanna's Hubby, Gautam Gupta Secretly Films His Wife's Dancing Gig With Their Baby Girl)

The actress is celebrating her birthday today in the lockdown and there’s no better occasion than this to talk about her inspirational fight with depression that she has revealed in her latest interview. Nushrat Bharucha along with her mother, Tasneem Bharucha talked about the reaction of her father, Tanvir Bharucha’s after knowing that she’s battling with depression.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, the birthday girl, Nushrat Bharucha with her mother, Tasneem Bharucha talked about her battle with depression and how her family had reacted to it. Last year, as we all know that Nushrat had revealed that she had suffered from depression and anxiety in an interview and when her father had seen that interview, he had started crying. The actress revealed it all in this interview, as she said, "My father had seen that interview the night it came out and when I came home, he started crying and told me, 'I never knew you went through all this'. So when I say that I didn't let them get affected by my absolute lows, I meant it. But with family, there's the thing that they can sense it. I might not tell them but they could always guess something's not right with me.” (Don't Miss: Dipika Kakar's 'Nanad', Saba Ibrahim Shares How Her 'Bhabhi' Defines Perfection For Her)

Hearing this, Nushrat’s mother chipped in and talked about the same, adding that they never wanted to pressurise her. She said, “Of course, but we don't say anything. We just leave it at that because we don't want to pressurise her, but just let her be.” After which, Nushrat revealed that “In those days, for me, the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I would wake up to them and my normal simple life has been my grounding.” Well, we all are aware of the traumatic time Nushrat had faced in the past as she had revealed about it thanking her friends and family in her interview with Pinkvilla last year in which she had said that, “I think people around me; friends and family, someone who can silently exist with you in your silence. There was just a voice in me that I will get through this. If that was not there, then it would have been a serious problem. I kept believing in things will get better the next day. Keeping that faith, I would get through the day.”

Right now, Nushrat is spending time with her family in the lockdown and is enjoying all things that she couldn’t be able to enjoy because of her hectic film schedules. On April 11, 2020, Nushrat had taken to her Instagram handle to post a beautiful picture of herself, enjoying a champi from her mother, who in turn was enjoying a champi from her mother, that is, Nushrat's grandmother. The trio had made a stair-like formation and nostalgia had hit us big time on seeing the picture. The caption along with the picture could be read as "What Saturday Night preps look like in the #NewNormal #LockdownDay11." Take a look. (Also Read: Khushi Kapoor Reveals How People Used To Make Fun Of Her For Not Looking Like Mom, Sridevi)

Nushrat Bharucha

Here’s wishing, happy birthday to Nushrat!

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