'BB 16' Winner, MC Stan's Biography: Qawwali Singer To Rapper And Owner Of A Necklace Worth Crores

A look into the struggle story of 'Bigg Boss 16' winner, MC Stan, an esteemed rapper who is now one of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry in India. Here's all you need to know about him!


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'BB 16' Winner, MC Stan's Biography: Qawwali Singer To Rapper And Owner Of A Necklace Worth Crores

Popular Indian rapper, MC Stan is undoubtedly one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the country. The Mumbai-based rapper started the year 2023 with a bang as he lifted the winner’s trophy of the famous reality show, Bigg Boss 16. It was on February 12, 2023, when the show’s host and Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan lifted his hand in the air and announced him as the winner of season sixteen. MC Stan was joined in the finale by his close friend, Shiv Thakare.

Bigg Boss 16 winner, MC Stan has been bestowed with a cash prize of Rs. 31.80 lakhs and a luxury Hyundai car

The ace rapper, MC Stan not only took away the winner’s trophy home but was also bestowed with a whopping cash prize of Rs. 31.80 lakhs along with a luxury car from the esteemed brand, Hyundai. Soon after winning the show, MC Stan took to his Instagram handle and celebrated with his massive fanbase of 8.8 million. The hip-hop artist uploaded two pictures where he could be seen posing alongside Salman Khan while flaunting his winner’s trophy to the camera. Along with the picture, MC Stan penned a lovely note in the caption in which he thanked his mother, and it could be read as:

"WE CREATED HISTORY. STAYED REAL THROUGHOUT, REPPED HIPHOP ON NATIONAL TV. Ammi ka Sapna poora hogaya and trophy P-town aagayi! Jis jis ne pyaar dikhaya sabko Haq hai, ending tak Stan."

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Altaf Tadavi, commonly known as MC Stan grew up in the slums of Pune

Things were not flashy as they are right now from the beginning of MC Stan’s life. Instead, it was all dark and shallow. The rapper, who is ruling the hearts of millions at the moment, was once living a below-ordinary life like millions in the slums of Pune.

Born as Altaf Tadavi in a Muslim family on August 30, 1999, he had seen his family struggle financially, just like most of the families around them. But the little kid was different from the rest and was inspired to change his fortunes.

MC Stan’s father is in Maharashtra police and was against his dream of becoming a rapper at the beginning

Right from an early age, Altaf Tadavi was inclined to music, and at the age of 12, he started singing qawwalis. Other than this, he was also interested in beatboxing and B-boying dancing, but his family members used to discourage him. Most of his family members and friends never took his talent seriously. Even Altaf’s father, who works in the Maharashtra police department, used to raise objections for his desire to make a career in singing.

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The journey: From Altaf Tadavi to MC Stan

It is true that behind all the taunts that Altaf Tadavi had received from his family members, there was this question, ‘How can a boy from a slum can enter the music industry?’. But to everyone’s surprise, Altaf Tadavi, a.k.a. MC Stan not only entered into the music industry but also ruled the Indian hip-hop industry. However, the journey from Altaf to MC Stan wasn’t a cakewalk as he had faced a lot of rejections and constant denials for a long time.

But it was MC Stan’s patience and his belief in his talent that paved the road for his dream to become one of the biggest rappers in India. However, when MC Stan started getting a lot of taunts and pressure from his family to stop dreaming about making a career in singing, he left his home. The youngster used to live on the streets for some time, and that time made him a one-man army.

When MC Stan was in the 6th standard, his elder brother introduced him to English hip-hop artists like 50 Cent, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and many more. After which, in 8th standard, MC Stan wrote the first rap of his life. That was a life-changing moment for MC Stan as he got heavily influenced by International rappers and also found his own originality as he went down in the art of hip-hop.

MC Stan's most popular songs

It was in 2018 when MC Stan released his first-ever song, Wata. In 2020, his first album was released when he introduced himself to the Indian hip-hop industry. Since then, he has given so many hit songs, some of them are the likes of Khuja Mat, Snake, Ek Din Pyaar, Broke Is A Joke, Basti Ka Hasti, Shana Bann, and the list goes on.

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Most expensive things owned by MC Stan

From doing packed live shows to record-breaking albums, MC Stan is riding high professionally. Besides his singing style, MC Stan’s lavish lifestyle often makes it into the headlines, as he owns some costly things. For instance, he owns a customised necklace worth Rs. 1.5 crores. The unique necklace is quite famous as we can see ‘Hindi’ written atop it as it symbolises MC Stan’s love for the language. The diamond chain is reportedly the largest chain owned by a hip-hop artist in India. Not only this, but MC Stan also owns a 60-carat-diamond pendant in the shape of a rupees symbol.

There is no denying that MC Stan’s struggle story is quite inspiring, but what makes it even more inspiring is that even today, millions wish to see him fail, but he keeps on getting better and better. He is truly becoming the highlight of hip-hop in India!

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