Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Benafsha Soonawalla Has Some Shocking Statements About BF Varun Sood


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Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Benafsha Soonawalla Has Some Shocking Statements About BF Varun Sood

Famous VJ and ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Benafsha Soonawalla has something shocking for her fans. All her fans know that Benafsha has been claiming her love for ex-Splitsvilla participant, Varun Sood. But it seems whatever is seen and spoken isn’t always correct. She took to her Instagram handle and started interacting with her fans live.

Shockingly, during the chat session, she once said, “I am not dating anyone right now and was not dating anyone even before going to Bigg Boss. Aap log ko kuch pata nahi aur kuch bhi bolte rehte ho (You guys barely know anything and just blabber on your own).” The most surprising element of this statement is that this came from her when a fan asked about her relationship with Priyank Sharma (her fellow in-house mate in Bigg Boss 11).

Benafsha Soonawalla and Varun Sood

The point to be noted here is that it’s Varun who has always supported Benafsha; before, during and after her Bigg Boss journey. In fact, she herself posted a beautiful picture of her with Varun after her eviction and captioned a beautiful message which read, “First face after the house and GOD do I like it! I told you, trust me even when no one else does and I'll never break it, we did just that. This is for all the haters, I'm so sorry for making you guys feel like I betrayed anyone's trust or hurt people. Interviews and I will answer all your questions. I played in the house with as much dignity and respect as I could. One thing that looked wrong to yall made you guys say so much, now that I'm back, I'll make sure I turn back all the fingers y'all are pointing towards me. For now, there are two cuties who will stand by each other. Been through a lot together, aiveyeeinnnn hi Nahi jaane denge boss!”

Benafsha Soonawalla and Varun Sood

And to give you fans, a clear picture, Varun as well posted a Boomerang with Benafash, but before taking a look at it, read his caption which goes like, “The first thing she said after looking at the havoc and confusion created outside "bhais ki aakh sab ki you come here hug me I missed you" You played like a gem and were easily the cutest, lovable and nicest person in the house. Seriously, what is this girl. Makes me fall for her more everytime. You guys will get your answers super soon, for now I've to take her out for sushi.” And here’s that post:


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After her live chat with fans, when SpotboyE tried to contact Ben, she didn’t reply anything tangible about Varun. However, shocking as it may seem, she said, “ Varun and I were not dating even before Bigg Boss. And I don’t want people to write about my personal life. But on what work am I doing.”

We must mention here that earlier Divya Agarwal (alleged ex-girlfriend of Priyank) had opened up about Varun being uncomfortable with Benafsha’s closeness to Priyank, which also eventually became the reason of Divya and Priyank’s breakup. Divya had said, “Benafsha’s boyfriend Varun Sood is getting insecure and calling me, asking, what the hell Priyank is up to. I’m calming Varun all the time.” To this Varun had replied, “I didn’t like Divya calling me INSECURE. I am not an insecure person. I trust my girlfriend Ben and have full faith in her.”

Benafsha Soonawalla and Varun Sood

Coming back to Benafsha, this isn’t the first time when she has said something like this and left her fans bewildered and shocked. During her Bigg Boss 11 journey, she was rumoured to be dating Priyank. And post her eviction, she shockingly commented that Priyank is like a brother to her. To SpotboyE, she was quoted as saying, “It was absolutely nothing. Don’t know why people made such a big deal about it. I think our friendship was reduced to a joke, honestly. I haven’t said anything in any interviews until now but now I am so frustrated. I used to jokingly say, “Tu bahut pyaar karta hai mujhse accept karle. Tu mujhe different feel karata hai.” I was just pulling his leg. Our innocent little joke created a havoc in the house, and outside. We’re just friends. The physical stuff, him kissing me on the cheek and hugging me, were just sweet gestures. He’s a warm guy. We shared the bed, for friendly emotional support and companionship. Priyank is like my brother yaar!!!”

Benafsha Soonawalla and PRIYANK sHARMA

It seems that all the four, namely, Benafsha, Varun, Priyank and Divya need to sort out their relationship priorities.

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