Bhagyashree Remembers The Time When She Was Separated From Her Husband, Himalay For 1.5 Years

Love gives you the courage to take the toughest decisions. And that's what Bhagyashree did after achieving success. Scroll down as she talks about the time when she was separated from her husband!


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Bhagyashree Remembers The Time When She Was Separated From Her Husband, Himalay For 1.5 Years

The enchanting world of celebrities might look all glistening from the outside but it is the same when you are a part of it. The only difference is that a star's life is always in the media glare. But one actress, who has managed to stay away from the constant media glare and rumours, is none other than Bhagyashree. The gorgeous actress is still popular for her film, Maine Pyaar Kiya. However, not many know that the actress had rejected all the roles that came her way just because she was extremely in love with her husband, Himalay Dasani and wanted to spend her life with her family. While many call it a stupid move, Bhagyashree chose her happiness over what society wants her to do. (Recommend Read: Rashami Desai Reveals She Wanted To Marry Her Ex-Boyfriend, Arhaan Khan But He Used Her Emotionally)

For all of us, happiness and love hold different meaning! For some happiness might be their work, for others, it might be their fur babies. And for Bhagyashree, her happiness was her family. She chose to say goodbye to the superstardom she achieved from her first film. But not many know that Bhagyashree's life wasn't a bed of roses, she had also weathered a storm and sailed through it. There was a time in the actress' life which she had spent away from her husband. Scroll down to know the reason!

Bhagyashree with husband

In a video that has been trending on the internet, we can see Bhagyashree reminiscing about the time when she wasn't with her husband. The actress recalled and said, "Yes, Himalay ji was my first love and yes, I got married to him. Lekin ek arsa tha beech mein jab hum juda ho gaye the (But there was a period of time when we were separated). And I had that feeling that ‘What if I hadn’t got him in my life and I had married someone else?’ It got me to that stage because there was a period of a year and a half that we weren’t together. Woh ehsaas abhi bhi yaad aata hai toh darr lagta hai (I still get scared when I remember that feeling)." Check out the video below:

Talking about Bhagyashree and Himalay's love story, in an interview with Humans of Bombay, the actress had revealed it. She had shared, "We went to school together — he was the naughtiest kid in class and I was always the class monitor. We would fight all the time and the rest of the class would have a blast! We were like Yin and Yang — the more we fought, the more it became clear that we couldn’t be apart. We never dated though…he never even told me how he felt until the last day of school. He said, ‘I have to tell you something’ and then for one week he kept trying to say it but would always back out. Finally, I went upto him and said, ‘look, just say it…I’m sure the answer will be positive’ and that’s when he told me he liked me." (Also Read: Jaya Bachchan Hugs Daughter, Shweta Bachchan As She Sports Amitabh Bachchan's Pic On Her Jacket)

She had further added, "I come from a very conservative family, so even after that while we were in college, we would barely meet or talk on the phone. When I told my parents about him, they thought we were too young to decide something like this, and I believed as well that if he really loved me, we should be apart for some time — he should explore, know that I’m the one and then we could be together. So we did break up when he went away to the US to study, and that’s when I signed Maine Pyar Kiya."

Bhagyashree had revealed how she realised that Himalay was the right man for her, "Before signing the film, while he was still in the States I went and met his parents to ask them if they were okay with me getting into films…we weren’t even together at that point, but I guess somewhere I knew that we would in the future. They said that they had no problems…and I began shooting. When he came back home during the course of the shooting, we both knew that we wanted to be together, but my parents still wouldn’t allow us to meet or speak on the phone…so I decided to speak to them. I told them that seeing him made me happy, that I couldn't be without him, but they were still adamantly against our relationship. I knew then that there wasn’t any other way."

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Bhagyashree had also recalled her wedding and had said, "I called him up after this conversation and asked him, ‘are you sure of yourself, of us? This is the deciding day…either I’d be in his life forever or not at all.’ I said, ‘I’m leaving my house now, if you love me come and pick me up’ and within 15 minutes he was under my house. We had a small ceremony at a temple — his parents, Salman, Sooraj ji, a few of our friends attended and that’s how we got married." (Don't Miss: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's Husband, Anand Ahuja Welcomes Her At The Airport In A Complete Bollywood Style)

Well, Bhagyashree's video definitely made us believe in true love again!

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