Best Wedding Night Gifts For Your Husband

Best Wedding Night Gifts For Your Husband

Gifts are one of the best ways to let your sweetheart know how much he means to you. But, just picking something up randomly, getting it gift wrapped beautifully and presenting it with a smile does not work! Especially if you are planning to pleasantly surpirse him on your wedding night. So, why not put in some time and effort into actually thinking and planning what to get for him? Here are a few suggestions to help you out:

Everything chocolate

If you thought only girls are chocolate addicts, you are wrong. Guys love chocolates too, although they associate it with much more than just the deliciousness (yes, you got that right!). It is a well-known fact that chocolates are great aphrodisiacs. You don't even have to put much effort into this one! Just get a box full of exotic chocolates for him, spray on generous amounts of chocolate flavoured body mist or just dab on some cocoa-flavoured perfume on your neck, and you are all set to surprise him with "deliciousness". If you wish to take it even further, you can arrange for some chocolate fondue or simply some hot chocolate for you both to indulge in. We hope you are aware that there are chocolate-flavoured lip balms available as well. No? Well, time to explore! 

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Romantic basket

If you wish to add a personal touch to the gift, you can give him something that is symbolic of your times together. Like, make a 'romantic basket', where you can buy all the little things that he likes, and create a basket filled with many gifts! Add some fun pictures of the two of you. You can even have all the letters, cards or emails (printed) from your courtship days, cutely wrapped and add them to the basket. He will be touched that you have saved all his letters and cards. The best thing about a romantic basket is that it can be both, a gift as well as a trip down the memory lane. What better start than this to your new life together?

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Something "naughty"

All guys like some "crazy" fun (if you know what we mean!). If you are sure that your husband is the kind of man who can enjoy being a little fun and adventurous in the bedroom, you can make a daring choice for your gift. Buy him some "fun" toys that you both can enjoy, or buy youself some sexy lingerie that would make his eyes popped out. This bold gesture will count a lot in the long run, and will be reciprocated by some lavish pampering, we are sure.

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Sensuous session at the spa

There are many spas that offer special sessions for couples. Book a session for yourself and him, and surprise him with this sensual idea. Nothing can be more romantic and naughtier than this! If you are leaving immediately for your honeymoon, you can get this booked at the resort/hotel itself. Trust us, he will be more than excited to be a part something like this.

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Getting a gift for your man is difficult, we agree, especially when the situation is something like your wedding night. But we are sure we have given you enough pointers to take hints from. Have you decided what to get for him?

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