Best Tips For Brides To Choose The Right Jewellery According To Their Height


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Best Tips For Brides To Choose The Right Jewellery According To Their Height

The jewellery that a bride selects for herself is one of the most important things of her wedding attire. No bride can ever look complete without her wedding jewellery. It not only enhances her natural beauty, but also makes her look like a princess on the most special day of her life.

However, not all women are aware of the various factors that they need to take care of while selecting the right jewellery for themselves. Apart from various things like, colour of your dress, your face shape, skin tone, etc., another thing to be considered while buying jewellery is your height. So, here is how you can choose the perfect wedding jewellery according to your height.

#1. Petite- up to 5’4”

Necklace: If you are short and petite, you need to choose jewellery that creates an illusion of added height. Choose necklaces that reach the breast level, but fall above the waist. Neck pieces of this length elongate your upper body and make you look taller. However, do not buy anything that is too heavy.

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Earrings: Go for the ones that are swept upwards. The traditional Indian jhumkas that are tucked above the ear are just perfect for you. Also, prefer earrings that have a definite geometric shape, such as triangles, ovals, squares and rectangles, instead of the random ones.

Bracelets/Bangles: Adorn your wrists with thin bracelets and bangles. But, make sure that cumulative width of the bangles is not too much, as it would look disproportionate to your height.

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#2. Average- 5’4” to 5’7”

Necklace: If you are between 5’4” and 5’7” tall, then you do not really need to make any special efforts to create an illusion of extra height. Basically, you can wear necklaces of any length. However, if you are on a slightly heavier side of the weighing scale, then avoid the ones that rest on the breast level.

Earrings: You can easily experiment with quirkily-shaped earrings. If you like large earrings, go for chandelier patterns.

Bracelet/Bangles: Based on your height, you can try wide bracelets. They can be simply metallic, stone-studded, or of any other material of your choice.

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#3. Tall- above 5’7” in height

Necklace: If you are over 5’7” in height, prefer chokers to accentuate your collarbones. You can easily go for anything from heavy stone-studded jewellery to pearls. You can also experiment by wearing layers of necklaces of different lengths, that is, from choker length to waist length.

Earrings: In order to flatter your face, you should wear long and dangling earrings. Even, the shape is not at all a constraint for you. However, avoid wearing very tiny button-shaped earrings as they will not be much visible.

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Bracelet/Bangles: For your wrists, you have a large variety to pick from. However, avoid very delicate jewellery for your wrists because they might make you look lanky and too tall. If at all you want to wear them, then club them up with some more bangles of different width.

So, while shopping for the perfect jewellery for yourself, do not forget to keep these things in mind. Just pick the design that suits your height, and get ready to stun everyone with your great sense of style. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.