Best Honeymoon Destinations To Visit Between July And September


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Best Honeymoon Destinations To Visit Between July And September

For a memorable honeymoon getaway, a couple has to consider many variables before deciding on one perfect destination. Climatic conditions, travelling month, and cost of accommodations are prime areas that influence a couple’s final choice. An intelligent evaluation and smart bookings can make a huge difference to this romantic getaway.

So, to ease out your planning load, here are some amazing destinations in India and abroad, according to the specific months of the year. Let us begin by telling you the best honeymoon destinations you can visit from July to September.

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#1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The weather of the exotic city of Rio de Janeiro is just beautiful to be experienced during the month of July. The day time is warm enough for fun at the beaches, and evening is much cooler for a romantic dinner. Rainfall is also minimal during this month, making July the perfect time for some Caribbean fun.

City of Rio de Janeiro offers a plethora of things, like amazing outdoor activities, lazing under the sun on the sandy beaches, visiting stunning historical sights, and exotic shopping and dining experiences.

#2. Leh Ladakh, India

Want to enjoy the cool breeze of the mountains to beat the humid July weather? Leh Ladakh is the perfect honeymoon destination for you in India. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the region surrounded by Ladakh Range and Zanskar Range. Getting wet in the romantic July rains together will give you some cherishable memories for a lifetime.

Snuggled by picturesque Karakorma and Himalayan ranges, Leh and Ladhak hold a magic for all adventurous romantics, who love natural beauty. Snow-capped peaks and vast farmlands are always ready to welcome lovers. Once there, do buy some home décor items with Tibetan and Buddhist motifs to decorate your new room, particularly decorated carpets. You can also stock up on some amazing woolen wear from here.

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#1. Malaysia

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is said to be the epitome of tropical luxury by many world travelers. Couples looking for a luxurious romantic getaway will definitely consider this Malaysian city as their preferred choice. The honeymoon couple gets the privilege to enjoy seclusion and privacy like no other.

You can enjoy activities like scuba diving and jungle treks, or soak in the city's fabulous night life. Also, don't miss the sunrise and sunset at the Gold Coast to either start or end your day on a romantic note. Another amazing place to put on your Malaysian honeymoon itinerary is Langkawi. With cloudy sky and occasional rain, the scenery here is refreshingly welcoming. Apart from these, you can even head to lesser known areas like Tioman Island or Sabah or the island of Borneo. August is the best time to avail some great discounts for your honeymoon to this destination.

#2. Kerala, India

If you are looking for a relaxing honeymoon then the idyllic state of Kerala is a perfect honeymoon destination in the month of September. The best place in Kerala to visit at this time is Kovalam, which is the best hidden gem of the state.

Kovalam is an amazing backwater retreat, divided into three areas- the Hawah beach, the Lighthouse beach and the Samudra beach, which together form the Kovalam beach’s famous crescent shape. This place is especially a seafood lover’s delight. Shop at local markets, unwind by the beaches, take relaxing Ayurvedic massages, and steal away some intimate moments. The nature loving couples can take exciting jungle treks and night safaris. Once there, do visit the Hawa Beach and mountainous region of Ponmudi.

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#1. Egypt

September brings in a slight drop in the temperature in Egypt, which makes it a perfect month to visit. It is the perfect time to explore the romantic cruise on the Nile River or indulge in an idyllic sun-bath with your spouse. Enjoy the thrill of a camel or jeep safari on the sand or mesmerise your partner by taking her on a hot balloon ride under the stars at night.

Since it is still off-the-peak season for the country, this is another reason to plan your trip as you can steal some amazing discounts, and can enjoy an uncrowded honeymoon experience. Northern beaches around Alexandria are the coolest at this time, and this is also the time to enjoy a beach holiday along Egypt’s Red Sea coast.

#2. Lakshadweep, India

The islands of Lakshadweep are a perfect place to visit in the country during this month. Though you will encounter little showers as monsoon bid goodbye to the islands, this is something that will add to your romantic getaway.

This is the time to enjoy water sport activities as well. The charm of this destination is in its remoteness. The secluded islands are a perfect isolated getaway to start your married life. The golden sandy beaches, crystal clear water and scrumptious seafood are just a few delights. Also, do go kayaking and canoeing with your sweetheart, apart from Scuba diving. Also, do visit the Agatti Island, Andretti Island and Kadmat Island to soak in some majestic natural views. Kadmat Island is also a home for dolphins and other exotic marine life.

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Use this guide to plan your honeymoon trip if you are going out in either of these three months. Or, you can wait for our next series, where we explore best Indian and International destinations to visit during October, November and December. Till then, have fun planning for your romantic honeymoon! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.