Revealed: The Secrets Behind The Svelte Body Of The Dusky Beauty Lisa Haydon


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Revealed: The Secrets Behind The Svelte Body Of The Dusky Beauty Lisa Haydon

There are trillions of stars in the sky but the bright ones get special notice from us, don’t they? The same goes for the smouldering diva, Lisa Haydon, who is one of the many shining stars of the glam world.

The fit and fab model-turned-actress has not only been the queen on the ramp, but has also proven her mettle in acting in the acclaimed movie, Queen.

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Image Courtesy: Queen

Sadly, the definition of beauty according to a large population in India is nothing but fair skin! And that is why, even Lisa had to face racism in one of the comedy shows when she was promoting her upcoming film Housefull 3. Shockingly, she was called a 'Black African' in the show!

lisa haydon

But, Lisa is not the one to be affected as she knows what she is! She is talented, charismatic and an enchanter. But, what transforms her into an instant sensation is her body, one which is to-die-for. Her toned physique and hourglass figure make her an instant hit with men and a complete inspiration for women. So, let us find out the secrets behind her staying so ravishingly fit and stunning.

Fitness regime

lisa haydon

Too hot to handle, Lisa Haydon has an undeniable appeal. And the key word to have this body type is ‘mix it up’. She believes in involving numerous workouts in her regime, rather than concentrating on one.  She shared in an interview:

“My workout routine is all about sprints, squats and lunges, and low impact cardio. I focus on toning and building muscle rather than losing weight to look super skinny.”

Besides, she also makes it a point to have adequate sleep and always keep her body hydrated with a lot of water.

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Yoga and running enthusiast

lisa haydon fitness

A complete body workout is the stunner’s motto. Then, she has a fitness mantra of her own, which helps her find the right balance and that mantra is yoga and running. She revealed to a women’s health magazine:

“I have been working out since the age of 14; hence my body has been fit and in shape and the secret to my toned look is yoga.”

She also said to a sports website that running gets her high on endorphins:

“I started enjoying the feeling I got from running. Even though I do Pilates and yoga and other forms of exercise, running gives me a particular kind of endorphin rush that you don't get from anything else.”

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Healthy and balanced diet plan

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You will be impressed to discover that she does not starve herself to look svelte and sexy. It is a simple approach where she balances it all with a healthy diet and does not compromise with her appetite. She has always believed in eating whenever and whatever she wants, but the goal for her is to eat the best of what she is consuming. For example, if calories are consumed, at least, she believes, they should be worth it. So, if she is craving for say, chocolate, it has to be the best one. Besides, you might not believe that her diet portions are actually large because that stops her from having anything in between meals.

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Never overdoes exercise

lisa haydon exercise

Image Courtesy: Instagram (@lisahaydonofficial)

It is no cakewalk for her to keep her body in such great shape and her passion for health and fitness is visible. However, at the same time, she aims at keeping it moderate. Be it yoga, Pilates or weightlifting; she never indulges in them beyond a limit. She believes in adhering to a regular training schedule instead of a rigorous one. She restrains herself from overdoing the exercises or slogging at the gym for the sake of being thin. Also, the sessions should suit her energy level and schedule.

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Customised workout

lisa haydon swimming

There is not just one, but a variety of ways for the babe to be lean. In addition to her normal fitness regime, there are stage performances, running, outdoor games, swimming etc. that help her reach her goal. When she is not gymming, she swaps between these activities.

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Skin and hair care

lisa hair

Her gorgeous face and beauty  do not go unnoticed by anyone. Thanks to her Kerala roots, (her father is a Malayali and mother an Australian) the babe looks graceful with her sexy tresses and flawless skin. The secret to the bombshell’s beautiful hair is a head massage with coconut oil. And for the luminous skin, she trusts regular cleansing and moisturizing.

She divulges:

"I make sure to follow this routine no matter how long my day is or how tired I am. However, I don’t use a toner as I have naturally dry facial skin."

So, ”Less is more” is her piece of advice when it comes to natural beauty. She tries not to tamper with her hair and skin with lavish cosmetic products. The bare essentials that you need for healthy glowing skin and strands are just enough for her. The bombshell also has her own line of beauty products named Naked by Lisa Haydon.

naked by lisa haydon

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Lisa Haydon’s drop-dead gorgeous looks leave a lasting impact on everybody. But, the efforts and grinding that goes behind those looks are rarely noticed. Carrying so much of talent, sexy looks and confidence, that too with so much elan, is not easy. Girls must learn from Haydon’s achievements and work their way up towards a striking body. Lisa, you go girl! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.