Bani J's Boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur's Birthday Wish For Her Will Melt Your Heart


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Bani J's Boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur's Birthday Wish For Her Will Melt Your Heart

Ever since Bigg Boss started with its season 10, the show has been garnering a lot of love and attention from viewers all over India. And now it has been 2 months since the show went on air, people have already decided their favourite contestants. And, one strong woman who has topped the charts of the most likeable contestants this season is undoubtedly, Bani Judge.

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Bani J is one of the strongest contenders in Bigg Boss 10. The ex-Roadie has had a massive fan following for quite some time now. Recently, we told you that she was dating a handsome hunk from the television industry. That guy is none other than Bade Achche Lagte Hain fame Yuvraj Thakur.

While Bani has never gone on record to reveal her relationship status inside the house, she was spotted having an emotional moment in the house, while holding a picture of Yuvraj. She even hinted at his name during a conversation with her co-contestant and friend, Gaurav Chopra, when she revealed the initials of Yuvraj’s name.

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Now, the love of Bani’s life, Yuvraj has confirmed his relationship with Bani during an interview with a leading online daily. Here is what he said:

"Yes, I am in a relationship with Bani. We are together since the past four months. I have not even watched a single episode of Bigg Boss Season 10. I just want to tell her that just be good and happy."

Further going on about his relationship with Bani, Yuvraj said:

"I haven’t been watching the show. The only updates I get are through social media where people keep tagging me on the posts related to her. So I don’t want to say anything right now. She is there and I am here. The day she comes back we’ll resume again, we’ll think. I know it sounds a little twisted relationship, but that’s how I am."

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Going further, not many people know that it is Bani’s birthday today (November 29). And, on the occasion of her birthday, the sweet guy has posted a very cute buy coded message for his ladylove on his Instagram page. He posted it along with a small video of his hands entangled with Bani’s:



A video posted by Yuvraj Thakur (@yuv_thehuman) on


Are you wondering how we know those are Bani’s hands? Well, look at all the tattoos on her hands. Take a look at the thoughtful message he wrote for her:

"Dear land,

You were the land and I was the wanderer. I dreamt of wandering everywhere but to be nowhere. I walked for nothing, I wanted nothing, I am nothing and I want nothing but I happened to be on this beautiful majestic land that happened to be you. It's vibrant and here each grain of sand breathes life. I am scared to be here because it's so beautiful. I am scared to be a little selfish and to stay here longer than I have ever let anyone stay in my memories. So I ran faster than I could have ever run. I ran away from this beautiful land but then I realised that the land is expanding itself all around me, its following me. I got tired, fell on my knees helplessly. Just then land whispered in my ear that don't run! Remember that You are nothing, so stay where you are. Right now, you are running away to escape from something and to find something. Don't run away from me, be nothing again and I promise you that I will be around you as your NOTHING always and forever. Promise. And the wanderer kept walking to nothing, the land kept following him till the horizon of nothing. They found oneness in their nothingness.

Yours truly Nothing. #yuvwrites #birthdaysmonth"

Isn’t it so adorable? It is like he said everything without having to say a word. Never once did he mention Bani’s name, but his thoughts and feelings showed clearly in this sweet message.

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Well, now that we have confirmation that Yuvraj and Bani are dating, here is wishing them a life full of happiness. And yes, Happy Birthday, Bani! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.