Arvind Kejriwal And Sunita Kejriwal's Love Story: How His Wife Stood Beside Him Like A Strong Pillar

The leading man of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal was an old school lover for his beloved wife, Sunita Kejriwal. Here's how they ended up being together.


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Arvind Kejriwal And Sunita Kejriwal's Love Story: How His Wife Stood Beside Him Like A Strong Pillar

Arvind Kejriwal is one such name in the field of politics which needs no introduction at all. Bringing a completely new dimension in the realm of Indian politics, Arvind promised to bring in a hope for the new youth, who have a lot to dream about. Full of energy and optimism, Arvind has been commonly referred as the harbinger of everything new.

However, despite his popular political presence, Arvind keeps a very low profile when it comes to his personal life and family. For the unversed, Arvind is a complete family man and leads a humble abode with his wife, Sunita, son, Pulkit and daughter, Harshita. Interestingly, while Arvind was a scholar student from IIT Kharagpur, his wife had been a trained IRS officer.

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Arvind and Sunita met each other for the first time during their common IRS training period in Nagpur. While it was not a case of love at first sight, their journey together moved ahead from being just classmates to sweethearts. However, between the two, it was Kejriwal who fell in love first, but was quite sceptical of revealing it to Sunita anytime soon.


When Arvind expressed his love for Sunita

arvind and sunita

It took him a lot of strength and courage to profess his love to Sunita. While Sunita was completely unaware of her best classmate’s feelings towards her, Arvind had one day decided to walk up to her and reveal the truest intentions of his heart. However, the moment Arvind had walked up to Sunita’s room for proposing to her, he was taken by surprise as Sunita did not take a moment more to say 'Yes'. And from that moment onwards, the fate of the two lovebirds became sealed till infinity.

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Arvind Kejriwal’s wedding with Sunita


Belonging from the same communal backgrounds, their union did not receive any objections from their respective families, and they were all quite elated to witness their union. While the couple had got engaged in August 1994, it took them a few months until December 1994, to manage their IRS training and get hitched. And after successfully completing their course, the duo shifted their base to Delhi in 1995.

Arvind Kejriwal and Sunita’s children


The lovely couple, Arvind and Sunita became parents for the first time in the year 1996, with the birth of their daughter, Harshita. The family got completed in 2001, with the arrival of their son, Pulkit. Needless to say, both the children are blessed with the talented genes of their parents and have proven their exceptional merit both in education and co-curricular activities.

Arvind Kejriwal’s journey in politics, and Sunita’s support all throughout


The foundation of Kejriwal’s successful and rather promising political journey is credited to the unconditional love and support of his wife, Sunita. It was Sunita who had motivated Kejriwal to move ahead in the direction of politics and be able to serve the nation and its people. And thereafter, after his historic win in the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, he never forgot to dedicate his win to his dear wife.

Arvind and Sunita's life thereafter

arvind sunita

While Arvind goes out at the forefront of things, and is involved in a life which is often the subject of nasty criticisms and personal attacks, it is Sunita who has maintained the balance and gravity of a perfect home. She becomes that strong pillar for her husband, which does not budge at all, be it any tumultous situation. 

Well, Arvind Kejriwal and Sunita Kejriwal’s love story is one that speaks volumes about simple living and high thinking. What are your thoughts on their love story?

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