Arjun Bijlani Reveals That Wife, Neha Thought That He Won't Marry Her Post His Humongous Popularity

As they say, many instances build up to a happy marriage, the same went for Arjun Bijlani and wife, Neha Swami. Insecurities had crept in at Neha's mind about their marriage when Arjun became famous.


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Arjun Bijlani Reveals That Wife, Neha Thought That He Won't Marry Her Post His Humongous Popularity

True love is a difficult bargain and is very hard to find. And once you do, make sure that you grasp it tight (not to a level of suffocation, of course!) Also, many a time will you hear your elders telling that you should never let go of the support you’ve had when you were a nobody, once you became famous. And that is exactly what one of the most sought-after actors, Arjun Bijlani had done with his now wife, Neha Swami when he gained fame. (Do Read: Ravi Dubey And Sargun Mehta Are Writing A New Fairytale With Their Adorable Social Media PDA)

Arjun Bijlani and his wife, Neha Swami are sheer goals in themselves. What began as a ‘love at first sight’ for him, she didn’t respond to his proposal right away. As they say, many instances build up to a happy marriage, the same went for Arjun and Neha. Brick by brick they built themselves a happy world. Arjun is not as much vocal about his love life but in a latest interview with Pinkvilla, the actor about how insecurities had crept in at Neha’s mind about their marriage when Arjun became famous till the recent time when they spent their 6th anniversary together.

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In the interview, Arjun Bijlani shared, “I got Left Right Left exactly three months after I met Neha. She has been with me since that time, when I was a nobody, actually a nobody. I am not the perfect husband, never was the perfect boyfriend either but my heart was in the right place. Even if I used to go wrong, I used to seek advice from other people so yes, six years of marriage and nine years of courtship, we recently celebrated our six years marriage anniversary. It is been great."

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Talking about wife, Neha Swami’s insecurities, Arjun Bijlani revealed, “Of course, she had her share of insecurities," and added, "But they all got done when I got married to her. She really thought that this guy is not going to marry her after all this success and now that he is popular and he is going to marry an actress only. I was already dating her for so long, and I thought if someone can be with me for nine years, they can be with me for the rest of my life."

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Arjun Bijlani and Neha Swami recently celebrated 6 years of togetherness. To wish the love of his life, Neha, Arjun had taken to his Instagram handle and shared a lovely video with a romantic song. Along with the video, a heartfelt note had accompanied the post which could be read as “I could choose the perfect quotes to say the best things to you, but I choose to be real today. U have been with me since I was 22 and probably, we have spent all birthdays, festivals, the good the bad the ups the downs together.9 years of courtship and now 6 years of marriage. Uff! we have spent lot of years together. I know I haven’t been the best, but I will keep trying my best. Thank you for tolerating me for so long on that note happy anniversary @nehaswami Thank u for giving me the best in my worst and of course OUR ANGEL AYAAN.” (Also Read: Dipika Kakar Ibrahim And Shoaib Ibrahim Welcome A New Member In Their Family On Eid-Ul-Fitr [Pics])



Arjun Bijlani's wife, Neha Swami too had wished her handsome hubby on social media. Sharing the following throwback picture from their wedding, Neha worded her post simply as, “Happy anniversary love.” Here’s their throwback wedding picture:

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Recalling their initial meeting, Arjun Bijlani had once revealed, “We met through a common friend at a party. I found her sweet-looking and innocent. The best thing I like about her was her simplicity; that’s mainly what attracted me to her.” On the other hand, Neha Swami too had recalled, “For Arjun, it was love at first sight. However, it wasn’t the case for me since I was shy and reserved. After a few meetings, we became good friends. Then we started meeting often, and finally started to go out.”

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Talking about being romantic, Arjun Bijlani had once remarked, “I am a born romantic. I see romance in everything. I can just come out of the shower and if Neha is just sitting and watching TV, I will sprinkle water on her or when she is cooking, I will just swirl her. These kinds of actions are called typical filmy, but it is such things that we all enjoy.” Being all-praises for his wife, Neha Swami, he had further gone to add, “I love that Neha is caring but this also has a downside. Because she is good-natured as a person, she tends to think the same about others. So, she never makes herself the priority.” On the other hand, Neha had then pointed out, “Arjun’s best quality is that he is always ready to help people. One annoying habit has to be that he watches only news channels when he is at home.”

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In a throwback interview with the Asian Age, Arjun Bijlani and Neha Swami had recalled their favourite moments from their wedding. While Arjun had shared, “We have amazing memories from the wedding — we got married at the Iskcon temple. We had the sangeet, mehendi and reception on different days”, Neha too had recalled, “From the wedding preparations to the honeymoon, it was an amazing journey throughout.” (Must Read: Mohena Kumari Singh Reveals Details About Her October Wedding, She'll Also Quit Acting Post-Marriage)

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Arjun and Neha, you guys are sheer goals and we love you!

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