Anushka Sharma On Doing Fewer Films And Prioritising Her Daughter, Says 'She Needs More Of Me'

Anushka Sharma opens up on prioritising her daughter, Vamika and doing fewer films in a year!


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Anushka Sharma On Doing Fewer Films And Prioritising Her Daughter, Says 'She Needs More Of Me'

Anushka Sharma has been one of the most sought-after actresses among her generation. After making her grand debut in the SRK starrer, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, she has not looked back in her professional front. In her personal life, she is married to Indian cricket captain, Virat Kohli and the duo is parents to their baby girl, Vamika whom they welcomed in 2021. And now, in a recent interview, she spoke about slowing down and doing fewer films so as to prioritise her daughter more than anything.

Anushka Sharma plans to do one film per year and spend more time with her daughter

Anushka Sharma sat down for an interview during an event for Puma in Bangalore and revealed some details about her professional and personal life. She addressed the fact that her audience have been seeing less of her on the silver screen and reasoned that she has now decided to do fewer films per year and instead prioritise her daughter, Vamika as she needs more of her time. She highlighted that despite her hubby, Virat being a doting father, this decision has been taken consciously by her in view of her change in priorities post becoming a mother. In her words:

“I enjoy acting but I don’t want to do too many films as much as I was doing earlier. I want to do one film a year, enjoy the process of acting which is what I like and balance my life out like the way I am, give time to family. I know my daughter is at this age that she needs a lot more of my time. Virat is a great father. He is very involved as a parent. But she is at that age, we have also seen that, she just needs me more. We recognise that. So, I have taken those steps.”

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Anushka Sharma expresses satisfaction on the style of her life now

The journey of motherhood changes everything in a woman and Anushka Sharma has been no alien to it. However, she has been thoroughly enjoying the new change in her life and mentioned how she does not wish to justify anything to anyone if it resulted in a visible change in her as a public figure. Recalling how she has stopped seeking validation from elsewhere, she mentioned:

“The way I am leading my life makes me happy and ultimately I don’t want to prove a point to anybody whether as an actor, as a public figure, as a mother, as a wife. I just want to do things that make me happy and make sense to me. I do things which feel right to me. I don’t look for validation outside of myself anymore.”


Anushka Sharma shares how motherhood has made her a strong decision maker now

Going further in the same interview, Anushka revealed that after the arrival of her little one, she has started to feel more confident than ever as she now has to take decisions for both herself and her daughter. Recalling how her new journey as a mother has made her more fearless, she mentioned:

“Motherhood has given me that because you have to trust yourself so much as a parent, as a mother, because you are taking decisions for someone who is so small and incapable in a lot of ways. So, you end up becoming very gutsy and you start trusting yourself a lot more. I think I am braver than I was before. I take decisions which I wouldn’t have earlier. I feel more fearless now.”

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When Anushka Sharma revealed her and hubby, Virat’s strict sleeping routine

Apart from being an amazing set of parents to their little daughter, Vamika, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are a much-lovable and disciplined couple when it comes to the other parts of their personal life. Proof of the same was found when the duo revealed in a little chit-chat at the red carpet of the Indian Sports Honours Awards that they revealed that none of them prefers to be night owls and they have a strict sleeping pattern. Well, when they were asked to mention their respective 3AM friend, Anushka responded that they don’t have one since they are never awake at that time. In her words:

“If either of us is awake at 3 am then we call (a friend) but we don’t want to be awake at 3 am. We sleep very early, so we have no interest in being awake at 3 am."

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Anushka Sharma on following a more holistic lifestyle post the birth of daughter, Vamika

Being newbie parents, both Virat and Anushka have had to add in a lot of changes in their life to suit the best way in which they nurture their daughter. Speaking about the same in an interview, Anushka once mentioned how they have changed their lifestyle and started to be less social and instead spend more time with one another as a family. In her words:

“It’s not an excuse, its the reality that when you have a child then you can’t be so social. We are happy actually because both of us are not very social. We like normal stuff, spending time at home. We don’t even get to spend that much time with each other. So, when we get that time, we want to spend it like a family. So, now it is more pronounced."

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