Anu Aggarwal On Fame After 'Aashiqui', Recalls Being Mobbed By Thousands Who Banged Her Car

'Aashiqui' fame, Anu Aggarwal recalled the horrifying incident when she was mobbed by thousands of people.


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Anu Aggarwal On Fame After 'Aashiqui', Recalls Being Mobbed By Thousands Who Banged Her Car

Former actress, Anu Aggarwal, who saw overnight stardom after her debut film, Aashiqui talked about the impact of fame on her. The stunning actress revealed an incident when thousands of people gathered around her car and started banging it continuously.

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Anu shared that she had a cherry-coloured car, which was a rare one in the year 1991. One day, when she was driving her car to head out for a meeting, her car got recognised by people despite having tainted glass. Recalling how thousands of people got out of their vehicles and started banging her car, Anu shared:

“They started banging my car, my windows shouting, 'Anu, Anu'. There was no driver, I was driving the car. I was thinking, 'They will break my car, pull me out.' I'm a fearless child, first time in my life I experienced fear. Thousands of people beating my car, screaming ‘Anu'. Unka haath mere pe pad jaata toh pata nahi kya hota mera. That kind of madness."

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In the same interview, Anu also revealed how she got out of the situation and saved herself from the crowd. Speaking about the helplessness she felt, Anu shared:

“I jumped out of the car from another door, ran towards a taxi, got into the taxi, and left the car there. I was going to the Taj for dinner, I had a meeting there. They said, 'What happened? Where's your car? I said, 'It's there, standing on Marine Drive'. Those days we didn't have cell phones. The people I was having a meeting with their driver went, picked up my car and dropped it at my home. It's like helplessness.”

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For the unversed, Anu Aggarwal created an uproar with her 1990 debut film, Aashiqui and became an overnight star. It was Anu’s on-screen charisma, that awestruck the audience and soon she was tagged as the next big thing in Bollywood. However, she met a fatal accident in 1999 when her car lost control and crashed near Chowpatty. The tragic accident left her in a coma for 29 days after which she bid adieu to the glamour world.


After leaving the film industry, Anu discovered her spiritual side and lived like a monk for some years.

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