Expert Reveals Complete Skin Care Guide To Prevent The Signs Of Anti-Ageing

Expert Reveals Complete Skin Care Guide To Prevent The Signs Of Anti-Ageing

As we age, we feel so anxious over the physical signs of ageing that start appearing on our skin. Needless to say, all of us simply want to get rid of them. After all, we just want to keep looking younger even as the years pass by! So, are there any ways to prevent them? Well fortunately, yes there are!

So, here is a complete guide that everyone can follow to have a younger looking skin.

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#1. Sunscreen


The harsh sunlight is one of the prime reasons that cause our skin to age. In fact, it is believed that up to 70 per cent of all signs of ageing are caused by sun only. Most of the skin problems, like spots, skin laxity, pigmentation, wrinkles, freckles, rosacea, etc., are caused by the harsh UVA and UVB rays. In fact, if you compare twins where one has a lot of sun exposure and the other does not, the one who has spent a lot of time in the sun will look decades older than their twin. This has been proven and documented over and over again. So, wear sunscreen with broadband protection with at least SPF30 and PA++. And, make sure you apply a large amount, otherwise it will not work! Also, make it a point to apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving your house. And then, reapply it after every four hours.

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#2. Alpha hydroxy acid

alpha hydroxy acid cream

One of the most important actives against pigmentation that dermatologists use is the alpha hydroxy acid. The most effective ones are lactic acid and glycolic acid, which are derived from milk and sugarcane respectively. These actives help slough off dead and dull skin, and reveal a newer and younger skin! These miracle agents not only work on stubborn dullness and pigmentation, but they also help induce collagen synthesis, giving you a well-proven anti-ageing benefit. Look for the concentration of at least six per cent alpha hydroxy acids in your skin creams for the best results!

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#3. Retinol


All of you may have heard a lot of benefits of vitamin A. But, did you know that it also helps with ageing? Derivatives of vitamin A, known as retinol or tretinoin, have been proven to increase collagen synthesis while also inducing epidermal shedding. Epidermal shedding means that the older skin gets exfoliated while the new one is produced at the same time. Retinol products are highly recommended for getting rid of the pesky lines under the eyes. In fact, a lot of celebrities make sure they add retinol into their night routine to keep their skin looking younger and camera-ready! So, join the ranks of the stars and start using retinol tonight!

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#4. Vitamin C

vitamin c

Undoubtedly, vitamin C is one of the best ingredients out there for the good health of your skin. Its super-potent antioxidant activity prevents one of the main causes of ageing, free radical damage. It also helps treat pigmentation by scavenging extra melanin from the skin, and boosts collagen synthesis, thereby, giving you a firmer skin. It is recommended to use serums or creams with at least 10 per cent photo-stabilised vitamin C in the morning. This way, you get that extra glow and a little antioxidant boost, which helps in protecting you from the sun.

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For those of you looking for an extra anti-ageing result, you can even look for certain treatments as suggested by your dermatologist. Most of the new-age treatments are non-invasive, pain-free, have no side effects, and can give you the results that are unparalleled. So, get started on your skin care regime today for a younger looking you!

Article by: Dr. Kiran Lohia, MD. She is an American Board Certified Dermatologist. She is also a Celebrity Dermatologist and Medical Director of Lumiere Dermatology, New Delhi.

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