Ankita Bhargava Shares An Adorable Pool Picture With Her Baby, Mehr From Their Maldives Vacation

Television couple, Ankita Bhargava and Karan Patel are enjoying every moment of their parenthood journey. Check out as Ankita shares a cute picture from their Maldives vacation!


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Ankita Bhargava Shares An Adorable Pool Picture With Her Baby, Mehr From Their Maldives Vacation

The moment a couple finds out that they are pregnant, they eagerly wait to meet their little bundle of joy. They count days, weeks and months to hop on the parenthood journey, without even realising that it is just the start of the bumpy road. Everything about the baby is new and you experience the emotions and happiness all at once. You realise that every day spent with the little wonder is like a discovery of your own true self. There are days when your patience is tested, but it is all worth when you see your baby's smile at the end of the day. And television couple, Ankita Bhargava and Karan Patel are enjoying every second of their parenthood journey. (Recommend Read: Sunny Leone Talks About Being Bullied During Childhood, Shares How It Impacted Her Life As An Adult)

Before we take you further into the story, let us take a recap of Karan and Ankita's love tale. While many of us think they had a love marriage, the truth is their marriage was arranged by Karan Patel's friend and co-star, Aly Goni. He was the one, who had played the Cupid and had encouraged both the families to take the union forward. And now, the duo is making most of their adventurous journey of raising an angel.

A couple of days ago, Ankita and Karan had taken their daughter, Mehr on her first International vacation to the Maldives. On January 20, 2021, Ankita took to her Instagram handle and shared a cutesy family picture from her holiday. In the picture, we can see Karan and Ankita in the pool, while Mehr was enjoying on the pool seat. Alongside it, Ankita wrote, "She was totally the cutest thing on that Island! Nopes Correction! She is the cutest thing on this entire planet." Check it out below:

A few days ago, Ankita had shared the reality of being parents. She had posted a lovely picture from the Maldives with her hubby, Karan and daughter, Mehr. Along with it, she had written how she wasn't able to click dreamy pictures. Her note could be read as "So truth be told! I know I am in paradise and shud be clicking these Oh-So-Dreamy pictures that we see on Instagram! But I really cudnt do the Flowy dresses and Open hair jig with A toddler, Diaper Bag and the Beach bag in Tow! So here we are! At our most comfortable best in the most classic shot. Ankita, Karan, and Mehr in Maldive. P.S We never hold Mehr this way at all. This was just for this one picture! We never help her walk this way too! Totally unsafe for their delicate shoulders!" (Also Read: Varun Dhawan Passionately Kisses His Girlfriend, Natasha Dalal In This Unseen Picture From A Party)

For those who don't know, Ankita is documenting the best phase of her life, i.e. pregnancy, on her Instagram handle, Love Messy Munchkin, wherein, she pours her heart out and helps her fellow moms and moms-to-be by sharing useful tips. On October 28, 2020, Ankita had addressed the issue of newbie mommies when they travel back home with their newborns after getting discharged from the hospital. The actress had shared the first picture with baby Mehr and her hubby, Karan. Alongside it, she had written, "#Throwback! Bringing your Baby Home. I have heard stories of how new moms get a little anxious while leaving the hospital with their newborns. I believe this panic and worry is justified since we as new mothers don't trust our own selves and being around professionals in a hospital makes us believe that we are safe."

Ankita had further shared her own experience and what precautions she had taken while stepping out of the hospital. She had written, "When I was stepping out with Mehr from my hospital I did the following. If need be I will shine through any situation and do the best for my baby! I gave myself space to learn from my baby and the people around! I focussed on being positive rather than negative about how and what can go wrong once I am home! I absorbed as much as info as possible from my doctor and so did My Husband. Fortunately, we had our families and friends around to guide us every step of the way! Moral of the story is - TRUST YOURSELF - Animals deliver and bring up their children all by themselves... We at least have Google search for the smallest of queries! P.S I wish I could have found some smarter #maternityfashion during my pregnancy! Something that I could have worn even otherwise post I delivered Mehr... The ones I see in the market and online are so Aunty Mary type." (Don't Miss: Mira Rajput Kapoor Reveals Parenting Tips She Received From Her Mother-In-Law, Neliima Azeem And Mom)

We love the cutesy picture of Ankita, Karan and Mehr!

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