Anita Hassanandani Shared A Throwback Video From Her Wedding And It's So Romantic


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Anita Hassanandani Shared A Throwback Video From Her Wedding And It's So Romantic

He saw her, fell for her and tried the corniest of lines on her. She fell for his chivalry and his dimples, but refused to believe that Rohit didn’t know she was such a famous TV actress. 

Today anyone who looks at them would agree that Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy is one couple from the celeb world who always, without fail, give us the most beautiful relationship goals. 

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Be it through their sweet gestures for each other or their crazy love-filled photos on their Instagram accounts, Anita and Rohit’s love story always looks picture perfect. Most of the times, the way these two express their love for each other makes us go aww and jealous at the same time! 

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Last time, we showed you the adorable video Anita shared on her Instagram account when she was missing hubby dearest real badly (see video), and this time, we have something more special. Something related to their wedding. 

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A few days ago, Anita shared a beautiful throwback video from her wedding, and when we looked at it, we realised that fairytale romances do exist. It’s been close to five years that Anita and Rohit took their wedding vows, but once you look at this video, you will know what a perfect, madly in love looks like. 

Here’s the video: 



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Did you see the twinkle in the eyes of this gorgeous couple and Rohit's reaction when he saw Anita as a bride for the first time? Sigh, too much romance, right? Now, if you are done drooling over the mushiness in the video, you got to see how fabulously Anita captioned these special moments. 

"#Throwback to the most beautiful day of my life! Thank you @rohit___h @hindujaritika for the edit. @rohitreddygoa I love you soooSooosoooSoooMUCH"

Such a simple yet a sweet caption this was. 

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Anita and Rohit, you guys keep inspiring so many couples out there that it’s hard to believe that you have just known each other for a few years. Here’s wishing both of you the most romantic and fun-filled journey ahead! 

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