Anita Hassanandani Wants Another Baby With Hubby, Rohit Reddy, All Because Of This Reason

Mommy-to-be, Anita Hassanandani is already planning for another baby and the reason will you leave you 'ROFLing'. Check it out!


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Anita Hassanandani Wants Another Baby With Hubby, Rohit Reddy, All Because Of This Reason

From the first moment, you suspect that you might be pregnant until you hold your baby in your arms, the nine-months journey is like a rollercoaster ride. There are days when you feel like the entire world, is one happy place, but then there will be days when nothing will seem right, and during that time, it is your 'better-half', who keeps you calm by either cracking a joke or hugging you tight till you feel better. And television actress, Anita Hassananadani is going through the same rollercoaster ride of pregnancy. (Recommend Read: Sushmita Sen's Daughter, Renee Wants To Be Independent, Talks About Being Aware Of Her Privileges)

The year 2020 was filled with either baby births or baby announcements, and our favourite television actress, Anita Hassanadani had also shared her pregnancy announcement during the same year. Anita Hassanandani and her husband, Rohit Reddy had taken to social media to announce their pregnancy with an adorable video. Anita had shared a video, wherein she was flaunting her baby bump. The duo had first gotten to know that they are pregnant in June this year. Since then, they have been eagerly waiting to hold their baby in their arms.

On January 6, 2021, Anita took to her Instagram handle and shared a super cute video with her hubby, Rohit. In the video, we can see Anita and Rohit trying to shoot a fun video, but it turned out to be a big blooper. Along with the video, Anita penned a caption, expressing her wish to have another baby with her 'darling hubby', Rohit and the reason will leave you ROFLing. Check it out below:

On November 17, 2020, Anita had posted a lovely picture with her hubby, Rohit, wherein she could be seen flaunting her baby bump. Alongside the picture, Anita had shared the blissful feeling of experiencing the baby kicks. She had written, "While I share this kiss, I feel the kicks. It is so amusing exciting miraculous out of the world unreal experience cannot be described in words. Every mother would understand what I’m feeling." (Also Read: When Amitabh Bachchan Lost His Temper At Jaya Bachchan Post An Interview About His Affair With Rekha)

While we are talking about pregnancy, food cravings are an inevitable part of this phase. Every woman will agree that the hardest part of the pregnancy is to control their taste buds, that too, at weird timings. But looks like, Anita doesn't mind relishing her pregnancy cravings. On November 5, 2020, Anita had shared a screenshot of her Swiggy application, wherein she was ordering a vanilla ice-cream from McDonald. In the other Instagram story, we had seen an empty cup of choco-dip sundae ice-cream. The picture was captioned as "Who knew vanilla ice-cream from McDonald with chocolate could taste orgasmic."

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Anita had talked about her hubby, Rohit's behaviour and whether he is ready to be a father. The actress had revealed. "Rohit is very excited and thrilled. We already have a pet together and he is very very involved with Mowgli as well. So, as a parent, I know he will be 100% an active father. He is really looking forward to fatherhood. I think he is already so responsible, so excited, I am getting to see new sides to him. I think it is an exciting phase and we both are looking forward to it." (Don't Miss: Mona Singh Enjoying Snow-Therapy In Manali With Hubby Shyam Rajagopalan Will Have You Pack Your Bags)

Well, we love Anita and Rohit's cute video!

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