Amrita Singh Once Revealed Why She Stayed Silent During Ugly Divorce With Saif, 'So Much Was Said..'

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh had an ugly separation, and it was the first time the actress shared her side of the story.


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Amrita Singh Once Revealed Why She Stayed Silent During Ugly Divorce With Saif, 'So Much Was Said..'

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh were once madly in love with each other. They wanted to be with each other so much so that they eloped in 1991. However, destiny had different plans for them, and after two lovely children, the couple parted ways in 2004. While Saif shared his side of the story openly in the media, Amrita chose to maintain a dignified silence, which is hard for any woman to do so. However, in an old interview, Amrita shared the reason why she never talked about what happened.

Amrita Singh shared the reason why she stayed silent while a lot of blame was being put on her

When Saif and Amrita parted ways, the former openly shared how things went downhill. In an old interview with Pooja Bedi for Zoom, Amrita was asked why she chose silence rather than share her side of the story. To which, Amrita stated that a lot has openly said and done that she had nothing to say. She added that more than proving her point, she had to keep her mental peace as she had to handle her kids. She was quoted as saying:

"So much was being done and said so openly that what was I going to endorse. That's my personal opnion or hurt that I don't need to share with anyone and didn't feel to share with anyone. I had other thigns on my priority that needed my attention like my children and most importantly myself. I need to deail with myself. People like media and curious people were not on my prioirty list."

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Amrita Singh revealed she had to lose weight for her daughter, Sara, who felt embarrassed 

During the same interview when, Amrita was asked if her kids, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, showed off their mother and her star status. To which, Amrita revealed that Sara is extremely proud. She added that there was a time when Sara was embarrassed when she was heavy and fat. She was quoted as saying:

"Oh yeah, now Sara does. I know, like Sara, at times, I used to be embarrassed when I was like all of size 16 and fat. I could see my daughter was embarrassed, 'Oh my mother such a motali'. But today I can see there is sense of pride in my daughter's eyes."


When Saif Ali Khan gave Rs. 5 crores as alimony to Amrita Singh

It was in the early 2000s when rumours were rife that the love in Saif and Amrita's love marriage was over. In 2004, they divorced each other. While Amrita kept mum on her personal life, Saif revealed how he was tired of the constant fights and getting yelled at. According to reports, Saif Ali Khan gave his ex-wife, Amrita Singh Rs. 5 crores as alimony.

Amrita and Saif's love story

For the unversed, Amrita was twelve years older than Saif. Despite it all, Saif had married Amrita in a secret wedding in October 1991. After which, they had their share of ups and downs and remained with each other for almost ten years until their divorce. They parted ways on a sour note. A lot was written about their relationship.

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Well, Amrita Singh definitely handled her divorce situation gracefully and gave courage to women by showing them that they can come out of adverse situations in life without the need for a man.

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